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Apple Music just launched. Heres a perfect playlist for your next date night
Apple Music launched today. So we created a playlist for you and your spouse to use on date night with the streaming service. - photo by Herb Scribner
Its official: Apple Music has arrived.

IPhone users and music enthusiasts alike woke up Tuesday morning to find Apple Music, the new online streaming music service, was available on iPhones. The service gives music listeners the opportunity to listen to artists, like Taylor Swift, not found on other streaming networks, like Spotify.

Apple Music can also help families have the perfect date night a time when songs can set the mood and make this important evening even more special.

A study published earlier this year from Indiana State University found spouses who enjoy date nights have longer marriages than those who dont, as I wrote back in March. Date nights are also known to keep relationships happier, too, the study said.

"Your identity as a spouse and as a couple often gets lost behind the routine chores and everyday tasks, relationship expert Aaron Anderson wrote in a blog post for Relationships Rx. You forget about things like talking as grown ups, flirting with each other ... so date night is an essential element to put into your routine as a couple because it allows you to focus on your relationship and on each other in adult ways."

And, as many of us know, music is an essential point to any date night. Theres the warm-up songs to get you ready for the night, the music you hear at dinner and the songs you listen to on your ride back home.

Heres a playlist of songs you can find on Apple Music that are perfect for your next date night.

The warm-up Lets Get it Started (radio version) by the Black Eyed Peas

Need to get yourself ready for the big date night? Listen to this pump-up song as you comb your hair, spray your scents and slide on your killer kicks.

The check-up "Style" by Taylor Swift

Before you head out the door, give yourself one last look in the mirror to the tune of Taylor Swift's "Style" exclusively available on Apple Music.

The drive over Shot at the Night by The Killers

Maybe youre going to pick your spouse up, or youre meeting him or her downtown for dinner. Or maybe youre driving to your favorite restaurant together. Either way, this song from The Killers will have you amped up for the night, ready to embrace love and passion as they come.

The meeting With You by Chris Brown

Youve finally arrived at your destination and you couldn't be more excited. Chris Browns early hit encapsulates all the feelings of being romantically invested in someone and wanting to give them the world.

The dinner song Sunset Lounge by Hotel Chillout Ibiza

Youll likely want to talk a lot during your dinner. So its important to have music thatll fade into the background and, at the same time, sound romantic. This Sunset Lounge tune should do the trick.

The walk "Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own" by U2

Maybe youve decided to get ice cream for dessert. Or head over to the local bakery for a cannoli. This famous U2 song will have you remembering that you cant do date night or your marriage by yourself.

The end of the night Im Into Something Good by The Bird and the Bee

Date night went well, and you and your spouse are excited for the next one. Celebrate your success with this sweet and soulful tune about a successful evening together.
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