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18 songs that will help keep your relationship fresh
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A study from the University of Missouri found that upbeat songs improve peoples moods, which improves their health, income and, most relevant to this story, relationship satisfaction. - photo by Herb Scribner
Music can help us get over the pain of a breakup quicker or revel in the pleasure of a committed patrnership longer.

Researchers from Freie Universitat Berlin reported in a study that people enjoy sad music after a breakup because it allows them to vent their own emotional sadness quicker without actually experiencing sadness, which is a healthy way to get over a breakup.

Similarly, happy music makes people feel, well, happier. A study from the University of Missouri found that upbeat songs improve peoples moods, which improves their health, income and, most relevant to this story, relationship satisfaction.

This happens because happy music makes people get excited about being happy. And, as the study reported, people enjoy the idea of being happy more than actually being happy. So when couples listen to happy music, they're excited for the future of their relationship, the study said.

Although pursuing personal happiness may be thought of as a self-centered venture, research suggests that happiness relates to a higher probability of socially beneficial behavior, better physical health, higher income and greater relationship satisfaction, said the studys leader, author Yuna Ferguson.

So this shows that both sad and happy music can affect the way we think about relationships. And songs from across multiple genres have relationship lessons, no matter what stage youre in. Here are 18 songs that you and your significant other can enjoy to keep your relationship fresh.

Note: If this list doesnt help you, NPR can help you find your ideal romantic song.

Youll Ask For Me Tyler Hilton

This song is all about staying with the one you love even when things are dire. The song covers the early part of a relationship when couples are still feeling each other out. Hilton focuses on how he doesnt want his love to judge him by what she hears from others, but by the man he truly is. This could be an inspiring lesson for you and your partner, too, since you sometimes have to look past the cover to understand the book.

Heartbeats Jose Gonzalez

When youre in love with someone, its more than just relying on your own two shoulders. Sometimes, you have to ask for help from the two hands from above to inspire you. Gonzalezs words express that no matter what, you have God and your significant other to lean on in times of trouble.

Time to Run Lord Huron

This soft indie rock song talks about the lengths people go to make relationships work. Sometimes that love can be so strong that youll want to run away together because it all makes sense, the lyrics suggest.

Surrender Angels & Airwaves

Love requires you to keep trying no matter how dire the circumstances. Surrender is all about never giving up and always fighting to keep your relationship strong.

Heart in Hand Vertical Horizon

Sometimes you have to approach your relationship with your heart in your hand. As Vertical Horizon puts it, you have to be willing to open up to your lover if you want your lover to be there for you, too. And, even if you stop believing in love, theres always someone to pick you up and inspire you to love again.

Free Like You Make Me Cary Brothers

Have you ever wondered what your relationship will be like at the end of the world? Free Like You Make Me tackles that theme, with the main singer saying he will sacrifice himself for his love. He assures her that everything will be OK and theres nothing more important than the love of your life.

Simple Song The Shins

Love is simple. Its the most important thing we do, and it makes us incredibly happier with life, The Shins song suggests. This upbeat and peppy love song wants people to understand that going through life alone can be rough, but love will help you conquer it all.

All This Time One Republic

Ever think God or fate is controlling your life? Well, so does One Republic. This song is all about believing that love will come your way. The one youre meant to be with has been waiting for you, too. And, if its meant to be, itll happen. Though this song is slower, it picks up at points and will make you and your partner appreciate all of lifes events that pushed you together.

Baby Blue Badfinger

You can make a mistake in a relationship. But as Baby Blue suggests, you should try to atone for your mistakes and apologize. Arguments dont have to be the end of relationship. In fact, they may be only the beginning.

Dont Stop Believin Journey

Journeys all-time classic is about never giving up on love. Its also telling listeners to fight for that love, even if the odds seem stacked against you, belief can empower you to make things work.

Champagne Supernova Oasis

Sometimes you have to wait for love, but eventually it will find you, Oasis Champagne Supernova suggests. It also talks about how people and life changes constantly, but eventually people, fated to be together, find each other.

Soldier Gavin Degraw

Want your partner to know youll always be there for them? Soldier by Gavin Degraw is the song for you. Degraw sings about how hes a soldier for the woman he loves. Hes willing to defend her at any moment and help her through any crisis. Telling your partner you will do the same may just bring a smile to their face.

Forever Chris Brown

Chris Browns Forever is a go-to for those in love. Look no farther than this viral wedding video to see the power this song has on couples. Its all about being in love, celebrating that love and knowing that things will pay off for you forever.

First Day of My Life Bright Eyes

Your relationship may be the first day of your new life, which is why Bright Eyes popular song will hit home with you. Your new life could have begun when you first saw your partner, or after you got married, as the song suggests. Regardless, this song shows that theres a change people go under once theyve found a new love, which you and your partner probably did.

Slow Your Breath Down Future of Forestry

OK, take a breath. Relationships can move quickly, but its always important to remember to slow down. Future of Forestrys lyrics talk about giving your partner everything he or she wants, and that its important to take on your loves burdens. Take your relationship slowly, make sure youre in a relationship you want to be in and trust love, the lyrics say. A simple breath can help you trust your significant other.

All I Want Is You Barry Louis Polisar

Its simple when you love someone, make sure to tell them. Barry Louis Polisar does this with his song, from the movie Juno. Dont waste time playing games, Polisar suggests, just tell the person you love how you feel.

Swing Life Away Rise Against

Swing Life Away is the perfect song to understand what its like to be young and in love. Lyrics about living in a place where they get by just fine here on minimum wage and live on front porches paint this picture of a small American town. This shows that love can happen anywhere, and it can mean the world to whoever feels it.

Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen

Harken back to the early days of your relationship when you worried about whether to call your significant other or to ask them out on a date with this 2012 classic. Even if you and your partner didnt go through this struggle, youll surely have fun dancing around to Jepsens slick lyrics.
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