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Shots fired in Ellabell highlight this week's BCSO report

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Shooting: Deputies were sent to a Stubbs Court address in Ellabell around 3 a.m. May 13 regarding shots being fired at the house. A man said he was taking a shower when a woman ran in to tell him someone was shooting at the house. “(He) advised that he armed himself with his 9-millimeter pistol and barricaded themselves in the bathroom.”

The woman told deputies she saw two bullets come through the wall in the master bedroom, and deputies found two entry holes. One bullet was found. The woman said she heard two men talking outside prior to the shots being fired and recognized the voices. She gave their names to deputies.

Shooting: Deputies were sent May 10 to a Wade Carter Road, Ellabell address regarding shots being fired. Witnesses gave a name and description of the man and the car he was driving and the victim said “he and (the shooter) did not like each other but he does not know why he would come around the area shooting at him.”

Nobody was hit, but “Complainant said that this was the second shooting in the area in the last week and things needed to be done about it.”

Deputies, who were told approximately 15 shots were fired, found seven 9 millimeter casings. In addition, one anonymous witness said someone from that area had shot back at the car, “which is why it left the area in a hurry.

No one from that area recalls anyone shooting back at the vehicle.”

Deputies searched for the vehicle but so far had come up empty at the time of the report.

Shots fired: A deputy was sent May 8 to a Stubbs Lane, Ellabell address where the complainant said her 4-year-old son came into the house saying “the neighbor just shot a gun. Complainant also stated that about two weeks ago she was awakened at 3 a.m. by a shotgun blast coming from her neighbor’s residence.”

The deputy then asked the neighbor if he’d fired a gun that day and the neighbor said it was fireworks. The neighbor also said he didn’t shoot a gun two weeks ago. The deputy told him firing a gun in a residential neighborhood is violation of a county ordinance.

Dumping: An Ellabell man reported May 12 that someone “had come along and dumped out carpet, a microwave and other assorted trash just before his house,” a report said. The man said though the trash was on county property, it “needed to be cleaned up before it caused flooding.”

The deputy went through the trash but didn’t find anything with a name or address on it to trace the people who dumped it. He asked dispatch to contact the road department so they could come remove it.

Fight: Deputies were sent May 8 to a Sweetgrass Lane, Richmond Hill address where a woman said her 31-year-old son had locked himself in the bathroom and had been flushing drugs down the toilet.

One deputy went to talk to the son while another talked to the parents, who said their son was under the influence and had tried to drive off, however the father’s vehicle was parked behind the son’s, and the father had also disconnected the battery to his car. At some point, they got into a fight, but the son was able to get away, locked his father out of the house and began flushing drugs down the toilet.

The mother said she saw her son snorting something she believed was heroin, and the deputy reported the son was having trouble staying awake and had other signs he was on something.

Eventually, the son said during the day he’d taken Xanax, a Suboxone pill but didn’t say whether he did or didn’t snort heroin. He did admit to flushing all three drugs. He was taken to Memorial by Bryan Fire and Emergency Services ambulance. His parents were told to call 911 if they had further issues and were advised to talk to the probate court judge about getting help for their son.

Damage to property: A man reported May 11 he was driving east on Highway 280 toward Pembroke when his car started shaking violently “and then he saw the right front tire going down the road toward the railroad tracks.”

The man told deputies he managed to get the car to a stop off the road and got his tire “and the five lugs and lug nuts were still inside the tire. The lugs had broken off and part of them were still in the hub which was still attached to the car. The lugs could be turned by fingers and it could be seen where the lugs were broken,” the report said.

There was a lot of damage. The man said he’ d just bought the 2006 model Chevy from a dealership last week.

Armed robbery: Deputies were sent to the Buckhead subdivision pool on Rathlin Road on May 9 where two teens claimed “a high school friend … and three other males robbed them at gunpoint.”

The victims said their wallets and a vape was taken from them.

Verbal dispute: Deputies were sent to a Lee Road, Richmond Hill address around midnight May 8 due to an argument between husband and wife.

The pair had to be separated by a deputy, who talked to the husband first. He said he was trying to watch a game on television, and “his wife would constantly keep changing the channels on him.”

The husband said he went to Savannah while his wife was cooking dinner and when he got back they started arguing.

The wife said her husband came back and “she could tell he was under the influence of an ‘intoxicating’ substance,” the report said.

“She said she had to lock herself in the bathroom because her husband was running around the residence acting suspicious. She also advised that while she was watching television, her husband kept changing the changing.”

The deputy asked the man if he was under “the influence of an ‘intoxicating’ substance and he advised no,” the report said, the deputy noting the man was calm and his eyes were neither glassy nor bloodshot.

The husband and wife agreed to spend the rest of the night in separate rooms.

Fight, etc: Deputies were sent May 7 to a Grace Court, Richmond Hill address due to two men “being involved in a physical altercation.”

The first man to talk to deputies said he was doing yard work when the second man, his neighbor, listed in the report as “neighbor/victim/ suspected offender” walked to the property line. The first man said he told the second man to stay on his property. “(First man) said (second man) came over and pushed him. (First man) said he then headbutted (second man). (First man) said (second man) swung at him before (first man) returned and swung at (second man).

“(First man) said there has been an ongoing verbal argument with (second man) over their property lines for several years. (First man) said it has never been physical until this incident.”

The deputy asked the first man if he was under the influence, and was told no, “however, (the deputy) was able to to smell an odor of an alcohol beverage emitting from (first man’s) person.”

The first man was also “unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred,” but said that was because he had a back injury.

The deputy then talked to the second man. “(Second man) said he was taking his trash out to the garbage can when (first man) yelled at him about his bushes dividing their property line. (Second man) advised there has been an ongoing issue between the two about the property line. He said the two were involved initially in a heated verbal argument of issues over the last many years.”

The second man said the first man headbutted him, and he had a red mark on his forehead. The second man also said the first man “acted like he was drunk,” and after their fight yelled “’everybody knows you’re a gay guy,’” and so on.

The second man also said he never pushed the other man and declined EMS when asked if he wanted to be checked out. He also remained calm and “did not appear to be under the influence of “any intoxilizing” substance.

The first man was then “advised not to make any contact with the second man,” and to stay on own property. The first man “began to argue,” but after being asked if he’d been drinking said he’d had one earlier in the evening.

The second man was unsure whether he wanted to prosecute the first man, but wanted a report made.

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