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Sheriff's reports for March 13
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

Public drunk, obstruction:   Deputies found a car in the wood line off I-16 around 5 a.m. Sunday, pointing in the wrong direction.

Then they found two men inside. One man was in the front passenger side and was wearing his seatbelt. The other was in the backseat, and wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

Both men were asleep.

Deputies smelled alcohol, and woke the two men up. Both men had Fort Stewart addresses. Both weren’t exactly cooperative, according to deputies, who charged them with public drunkenness and obstruction and then carted them off to jail.

A wrecker service came to get the vehicle, which hadn’t suffered any damage, but “it appeared the vehicle was traveling in the wrong direction on Interstate 16 west bound in the east bound lane. Said vehicle was driven off the roadway onto the shoulder near the wood line where the driver … got out and got into the back seat and (the other man) went to sleep in the front passenger seat.”



Matter of record: From a March 8 report comes this complaint from a mother who told a deputy “about an incident that happened in gym on (Feb. 28). (She) stated that on that date her daughter was hit in the face with a ball during gym. The result was that her daughter’s glasses were broken. (The woman) thinks that the ball was thrown by another student in an attempt to get back at her daughter. Prior to the incident her daughter hit the other girl in the face with a ball while in the same gym class. (The woman) requested a report so that she could attempt to recover the cost of replacement glasses.”

A school administrator from the kids involved and a copy was forwarded to the mom, who also was told how to get a copy of the report.


Theft: This one was solved pretty fast. A deputy responding to the Buckhead pool Friday was told the following by a man who works for a lawn maintenance company.

“(He) stated while he and his crew were working around the Buckhead pool area, an unkown white male in his mid 30s wearing a visor drove up next to their equipment trailer and stole his new Stilh BR 600 leaf blower …. (He) stated that the man was able to take the blower and leave before he could get back to his equipment trailer. (He) also stated he and his employees tried to follow the driver of the (pickup) but were unable to locate it. (He) contacted Buckhead security to review camera footage. The pictures were forwarded to detectives for follow up.”

Saturday, the same deputy was driving north on Highway 17 when he spotted a pickup with a trailer that matched the description of the one used in the Buckhead pool heist.

The driver stopped and the deputy stopped to talk to him. The man admitted to being in Buckhead, then after being shown photos of his truck and trailer near the pool claimed “he found an old blower on the ground by the shrubs at the pool. He stated that he took the blower. (He) stated that the stolen blower was at his residence in Liberty County. (He) stated that his mother could get the blower out of his garage and give it to me.”

The deputy followed the man’s mother to the home and “recovered the stolen blower.


The man was arrested.


Marijuana, speeding, etc: A deputy clocked a Richmond Hill man driving 76 mph on Highway 17 around 4 a.m. Saturday and pulled him over near Kelly Davis Road.

The deputy then went up and asked for the usual (license, registration, proof of insurance) and “detected an odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle and observed handgun in the driver’s side door area,” a report said.

The driver couldn’t find his license, but a check of his name and date of birth showed he was a licensed driver and wasn’t wanted for any reason. His gun also came back as valid.

The deputy then asked the man to step outside the car and told him he smelled marijuana “and asked if there was anything in the car that I needed to know about.”

The man said there might be some pot because he smokes marijuana. The deputy then asked the man if there was anything other than marijuana in the car and was told, “’There may be two things in the car. A little bit of weed and some marijuana. ‘Cause I do smoke weed.’”

Deputies found some dope. The man was arrested for marijuana and cited for speeding, too.

Criminal trespass, more: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address shortly after 5 p.m. Friday regarding an “assault in progress.”

There, they met the complainant, “who advised that his girlfriend threatened him with a knife and broke out a window to a nearby shed. Complainant stated that she was high on methamphetamine … (he) advised she ran off into the woods behind the residence.”

Deputies found the girl, who had to be “restrained” and “physically removed from the wooded area due to her demeanor,” the report said, noting she had to be carried back to the house. There, she agreed to go to the hospital by EMS. She was taken to St. Joseph’s in Savannah.


Reckless conduct: An Ellabell woman called 911 around 5 p.m. Friday after her kids called her and told her “a window broke and they did not know why.”

The woman said when she got home, “she and her husband discovered a bullet in their window seal and shattered glass.”

The bullet didn’t make it through a second pane of glass, which led deputies to believe it traveled a long distance from where the shot was actually fired. They patrolled area around Toni Branch Road and Fred J. Miller Road but no one said they heard any shot fired. The homeowners asked for a report for property damage.


Matter of record: An Ellabell man reported late Friday night that he was threatened. The man said earlier in the day he had “received a call that his land may have been on fire,” the report said.

The man said earlier in the day he called 911 after he found a fire on his neighbor’s property after dark, and whoever called him “made threats, ‘I’ll burn your house down’ or words to that effect.”

The fire the man originally called 911 about was permitted, deputies learned, but “the complainant stated that he was in fear of retaliation for reporting his neighbor and requested a report for personal records.”

Theft: A Dr. Blitch Drive man reported Saturday somebody came onto his property, went into his car and stole his title from the glove box and an ECU unit --- that’s the engine control computer.

Whoever did it may also have tried to get into the man’s shed. He found marks on the door.


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