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Septic tanks causing problem
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Bryan County no longer has a local place to empty out septic tanks but is on a fast track to correct this dilemma, according to Bryan Health Department Director Skip Youmans.

Youmans addressed the Bryan County Commission Tuesday and asked for help.

"This is a major, major problem because if we don’t do something to get it fixed, it’s only going to get worse," said Bryan County Commission Chairman Jimmy Burnsed. "We’re going to have to figure out something in the next several weeks because this is an immediate problem that needs to be fixed."

Until now, the county was dumping at Interstate Centre, the industrial park in Black Creek.

County Administrator Phil Jones that occurred for just a few months and the Centre’s system was just deemed unable to handle the added waste.

Prior to the Centre, the county was dumping at Richmond Hill’s Sterling Creek wastewater facility. Youmans said that ended when the Richmond Hill facility began having problems with capacity.

For now, waste is being carried from Bryan County to a facility in Rincon.

Youmans and Scott Blaney from Reliable Septic Services, who attended the commission meeting, spoke of the problems they are currently encountering, such as the long commute and only being able to dump on business hours Monday through Friday.

Youmans said the county pumps out 50-60 truck loads annually. Septic trucks hold 1,500 gallons per load, which is roughly two to three households.

He said it is recommended that each home with a septic system have it pumped out once every three to five years.

Commissioner Toby Roberts said the new school site would be an ideal location.

The county has yet to build it, and Roberts said it could be tailored to handle the anticipated load of the county.

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