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Senior citizens strut bikinis for fundraiser
Organizers of the 1st annual Senior Citizen Bikini Car Wash Saturday sure knew how to lure in the motorists. Photo by Mark Swendra

It's not every day you see bikini-clad seniors lining the sidewalk of busy Ford Avenue on a Saturday morning carrying signs that read "Pimp my Walker," and "We be Rollin', they Hatin'."

One sign said it all..."We're not senior citizens, we're recycled teenagers."

As motorists honked in support as they drove by, others took the bait and couldn't resist driving into the Bryan County Richmond Hill Senior Center to get a closer view. It was all part of the senior center's first Bikini Car Wash to raise money for programs that "enrich our senior population," said Tonya Henderson, site manager.

Full disclosure: the seniors weren't half-naked as implied, but proudly wore bikini-printed T-shirts. Henderson called them "our eye candy."

The threat of rain didn't stop motorists from entering the parking lot to get their cars washed. Henderson said approximately 50 cars had arrived within the first two hours. The event was scheduled to last until 2 p.m.

Teenagers from the local BETA Club, and as Henderson described, "anyone else we could drag in" washed the cars, but it was the senior citizens who were the main draw.

About $1,000 was reportedly raised and will fund the senior center and enable participants to enjoy trips and activities. The center is funded by the county and Coastal Regional Commission. 

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