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Seizure may have led to five-car accident at busy intersection
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A 57-year-old man was listed in good condition at Memorial Health on Friday after an apparent seizure that may have caused a five-car wreck Monday at the intersection of Hwy. 144 and 17 in Richmond Hill.

Jesse Capps was driving east down Hwy. 144 around 4 p.m. when he apparently crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic, striking a car and then hitting the curb where one of his tires came off, striking two cars traveling east on Hwy. 144, according to the Richmond Hill Police Department accident report.

Capps’ car continued to move, striking the yield sign at the corner of 144 and 17 and hitting a car waiting at the red light in the southbound lane of Hwy. 17 before coming to a stop.

When police and EMS arrived they examined the scene and those involved in the accident, deciding to send Capps and the driver of the car waiting at the red light to hospitals in Savannah.

The accident report says that while EMS and police personnel were trying to give aid to Capps, he became combative. Upon searching the man’s vehicle, Star Corporal Eric Gaustad of the Richmond Hill Police found a bottle of vodka about three-fourths empty in Capps’ vehicle.

Because of Capps’ behavior, the situation surrounding the accident scene and an odor of alcohol detected by the officers, Officer Jason Dean of the Richmond Hill Police Department ordered a blood sample be taken from Capps to be tested for the presence of alcohol.

Results of the test are pending.

Capps was taken to Memorial Hospital in Savannah. On Tuesday, Corporal Doug Sahlberg with the Richmond Hill Police Department visited Capps in the hospital and spoke with nurses, who said it appeared Capps had suffered a seizure caused by a brain aneurism that could have caused the accident.

Sahlberg noted in the report that Capps told him he did not remember any part of the accident until he reached the emergency room later on Monday. It was unclear from the report what the extent of the other driver’s injuries were.

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