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Update: Schools in Bryan County to be closed Thursday and Friday
Bryan County Schools

Editor's note: Bryan County Schools announced at 7:51 p.m. schools will now also be closed Thursday. The announcement was too late for our print edition, which had already gone to press. 

Here's the latest release from BCS:

Bryan County Schools continues to participate in briefings with the National Weather Service as we prepare for the effects of Hurricane Ian. The most recent update from the National Weather Service now predicts that much of Bryan County could receive tropical storm force wind gusts of 40+ miles per hour beginning early tomorrow morning. Wind gusts of 40+ miles per hour can cause unsafe driving conditions for our buses, students, parents, and staff. Considering this latest development, Bryan County Schools will now be closed Thursday and Friday for all students and staff. Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this significant weather event. 

Here's the original announcement that schools are closed Friday: 

The safety of our students and staff continues to be our highest priority as we make decisions regarding the weather. In our most recent interaction with Bryan County Emergency Services and the National Weather Service regarding Hurricane Ian, we learned there is still a strong possibility of this storm impacting Bryan County.  Considering our most recent update, we are unwilling to take a risk with the safety of our students or staff.       

 As a result, Bryan County Schools will be closed Friday for all students and staff.  Also, many extracurricular activities are in the process of being rescheduled.

 Whenever we make a determination about cancelling school and closing our district, Bryan County School District officials spend hours studying as much quality information as possible prior to making this determination.  Particularly in the case of making a future decision based on projections and predictions, it is important that we study as much information as is available to us.  It is also important to remember that making decisions based on weather predictions can be a very difficult call.  Even though we understand that the path and impact of Hurricane Ian could be different than we have been advised at this point, we feel that closing the district on Friday is in everyone’s best interest.  

 We hope all of our students, staff, parents and the entire Bryan County community remain safe as Hurricane Ian passes through our area.  Our thoughts go out to the schools, students, staff and parents impacted in our neighboring counties and states.


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