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Richmond Hill to start enforcing 911 address ordinance
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The Richmond Hill Police Department is trying to get the word out that each business and residence within the city limit must have their address clearly numbered and lettered.

According to the city ordinance, a fine could be imposed if the property owner fails to comply with the request of law enforcement to visibly post their address.

Richmond Hill Police Chief Billy Reynolds said the city has had an ordinance in place for years, but not everyone has complied with it. As of Jan. 1, he said police and code enforcement officers will begin issuing citations. He said the problem is more widespread with businesses in the city, rather than residences, "especially in some shopping plazas."

Reynolds said failure to post proper number and lettering has caused a delay in response time to 911 calls as officers have had to search longer to find certain businesses in cases of emergency. He said that is why the department has decided to put its foot down on the enforcement of this ordinance.

For more information, call the RHPD at 756-5645.

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