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Richmond Hill High School Drama Club presents "We Are The Sea"
The Richmond Hill High School Theatre Department invites you to come experience their class play "We Are The Sea" by Laura Lundgren Smith. 

The entirety of this production has been put on by the 3rd and 4th block theatre classes at the high school. All rehearsals are during class and all students have a part in acting and helping behind the scenes. This show is also being used as a student directing opportunity for Lizzy Kiene, Peach Dishongh, Kaelynn Duffy, and Abigail Stuckey -- all of which are Theatre 4 students specially selected for this job.

This show is split up into two different casts for both the 3rd and 4th block classes. While the shows are both very similar, they both have their own interesting tweaks to them that would make both shows worth the watch. The show is 30-40 minutes long with no intermission and the audience is capped at 50.

Tickets are $5 on GoFan and all proceeds go to help the Drama Department. 

The shows for 4th Block are Friday, February 10th at 6 pm and Saturday, February 11th at 2:pm. 

The shows for 3rd Block are Saturday, February 11th at 6 pm and Sunday, February 12th at 2 pm. GoFan DOES NOT say which class the tickets are for.  Please make sure you are buying tickets for the class you would like to see.

 The show will take place in the Theatre room (aka the Tiny Taft Theatre) at the high school. Audience members may park in the senior lot outside of the 400 hall.  The show will be in room 401 and the doors to the hall will open 30 minutes before show time. 

This particular show may NOT be suitable for young children as the subject matter can be quite dark. 

Show Description:

"Norah, Una, and Iseult set sail from Ireland to escape the ravages of hunger, only to find a new set of dangers on their ocean voyage. The so-called "coffin ships" are full of illness, squalor, and grief, and the passengers can rely only on one another and their memories for comfort. When a cruel, angry sailor refuses to show them mercy, it seems like even their stories might be lost. But they don't know that the sea that swirls around the ship is listening. The sea remembers everything. And the sea demands justice. A poetic and striking historical drama with a hypnotic ocean chorus."

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