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Richmond Hill Dollar Store targeted by burglars
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The Richmond Hill Dollar General was burglarized early Monday morning.

"It looks like they tried to steal the safe, but they weren’t able to," said Dollar General head clerk Michaline Jackson. "We couldn’t tell if anything was taken, we’ll have to wait until we do inventory."

Jackson said they pried the back door open and "cut every line they could" in an apparent attempt to disable the alarm.

They also dislodged an electrical box outside the store and ripped the alarm unit off the wall inside the store.

In doing so, the would-be thieves disabled the air conditioning and the phone lines at the store.

What they did not do was disable the burglar alarm.

The alarm was triggered at 2:07 a.m. and three police officers reportedly arrived at the scene before the clock turned 2:08.

The police report indicates an electrical box outside the store was dislodged and the alarm unit inside the store was ripped the alarm unit off the wall.

The matter is currently under investigation by the RHPD.

This marks the third burglary attempt in the last two years at the Richmond Hill Dollar General. Last year, four burglars were caught in the act and arrested at the scene.




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