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Richmond Hill band Soundspeed hopes to beat the odds
Album cover to Soundspeed's self-titled debut album.

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"Half a Mile from Down" - the debut single from the Richmond Hill-based rock band Soundspeed.

When he’s not teaching English at Richmond Hill High School, Dave Pena is using his language skills to write and perform songs as part of the local rock band Soundspeed. The band released an album in March and their first single has been getting radio airplay locally.

The band was created last year when Pena, guitarist and songwriter, hooked up with Hinesville vocalist Josh Polley. Pena said the two were drawn together by their mutual respect for the rock band The Foo Fighters, whose musical style resembles Soundspeed’s.

"I’ve been playing in bands for years, doing cover songs, but I’ve always been writing," Pena said. "This CD came into fruition from the meeting of the minds with Josh."

Earlier this year, Pena and Polley travelled to Polley’s hometown in Kentucky to record their self-titled debut. They then enlisted Savannah resident Donald Moates to add drums and mix the disc.

Shortly after it was finished, their song "Half a Mile from Down" was played on Q105.3, during a radio show that features local talent. Although it is not in regular rotation, the station has played it multiple times since. The band was also featured recently on SCAD Radio.

Pena admits to simply doing the CD to have fun while exploring a creative outlet, but he is hopeful to beat the odds and make it big in the music industry.

"You never know," Pena said. "If the right person hears it, things could happen. I would love to have the opportunity to get signed, re-record the CD and mass distribute it. There are not a whole lot of bands out there now that mix melody with rock."

Besides the Foo Fighters, Pena points to Tom Petty, The Beatles, KISS, Green Day and Led Zeppelin as influences.

Soundspeed is scheduled to play live July 17 at Augie’s. Previous gigs have included Station Xchange, Molly MacPherson’s and City Market in Savannah.

Click the attached link to hear Soundspeed’s single "Half a Mile from Down".

To get a copy of Soundspeed’s self-title debut, go to Barnes & Noble in Savannah or the band’s website at

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