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RHPD reports: Woman says man stalked her on trail at J.F. Gregory Park
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Stalking: A woman reported Oct. 11 that she was on the walking trail at J.F. Gregory Park around 6:20 p.m. when a man “stepped out of the trees and began making sexual comments to her as he was walking beside her.” The woman told officer she kept walking and the man “began to try to hold her hand and attempted to hold her hand numerous times,” and “he kept making smacking/kissing numbers to her as well as talking about her butt.”

The woman, who met police at RHPD and “was visibility out of breath as she said she had ran back to her vehicle,” said she called a friend of hers to pretend she was calling the police, then put her cell phone on speakerphone “where her friend mimicked a police officer by instructing him to back off as other units where en route.

She said the unknown male chuckled at her and began making sexual comments again.” She described the man as black, between 6-foot and 6-foot-2, and in his late 20s or 30s, with no facial hair and a “lean yet muscular build.” She also said he had a distinctively deep voice.

Police looked for the man while she was telling her story but came up empty handed, the report said.

Shoplifting: Police were sent Oct. 7 to the Dollar General regarding a woman who’d just shoplifted and as they headed that way learned she “was now running on foot south on (Hwy. 17) towards the county. The caller advised that the female was wearing a neon yellow shirt and no shoes.”

Police found her and she “advised that she did in fact steal the shoes. (She) advised that she has the money to pay for it and would to offer that to the store.

(She) continued by advising that she stole a pair of $5 shoes due to her shoes had been sprayed with roach spray and smelled like rotten carrots.”

Police took her back to the store, where they were shown video of the woman swapping the shoes in which she came in with shoes from the store. She was cited for shoplifting and given a criminal trespass warning.

Reckless conduct: Police were sent to Ashton Apartments on Oct. 6 where a woman said her son was set on fire by another child.

“She stated that her son came home without a shirt on stating the incident occurred,” the report said. “He said that he was playing basketball with Juvenile 2 and others where there are basketball goals set up. When he was about to make a shot, Juvenile 2 lit his shirt on fire. He then ran home to let his mother know what happened,” the report said.

The woman said she went to get the shirt and that “Juvenile 2 started cursing her and was acting as though he wanted to physical attack her.” The woman then went back to her apartment “with the shirt and the lighter that was used was thrown at her.” She told police she wanted to press charges.

The other kid’s mother was contacted and asked to be present during questioning and the case was turned over to another officer.

Suspended license: An officer patrolling Highway 17 near Ponderosa Road on Oct. 9 spotted a car headed south with a headlight out and pulled it over.

The driver asked if he could get the light to work but was unsuccessful, then gave his name and said he didn’t have a license on him. He gave the officer a name and date of birth, however, and it came back suspended for traffic offenses dating back 16 years and ranging from controlled substance violations and “unlawful alcohol concentration,” to driving on a suspended license.

   The officer arrested the man but let him go with a ticket. He also offered to give the man a ride to a convenience store closer to his home but the man “refused stating that he would walk on the side of the road wearing his reflective vest.”

The vehicle was towed.

 Matter of record: Police were sent to the I-95 north onramp at Highway 144 on Oct. 6 to look into a report of a “possible domestic or argument in which the male party was holding a child and kicked a female.”

There, they saw a man holding a kid when a woman came out of the ditch. The woman was bleeding, but witnesses were already gone, so police talked to the couple.

The man said they were on I-95 when they got into an argument and “initially the female had left him there on the side of the road but came back to pick him up. (He) advised that there was a little pushing and shoving and the let (the woman) sit down in the ditch and cool down.”
The reporter noticed the man looked as if he was trying to intimidate the woman while she was talking to another officer, then later saw injuries on him that the man said came from carrying lumber and picking at a scab.

The woman told EMS “she just left Florida where her sister just burned down her mother’s residence,” and that the sister drinks and they got into a fight which is where the woman’s said the injuries occurred.

Both she and the man said they did not get into a fight, and police were unable to determine how the woman got hurt. She claimed she injured her face when she hit it on a car door when she opened it. 

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