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RHPD reports: ‘That’s why you have insurance,’ driver told
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Damage to property: A woman met an officer at Kroger on May 14 to report a rock kicked up by a dump truck going in the other direction cracked her windshield. The woman told RHPD she turned around and got the driver of the dump truck to stop, and he gave her a number to the main office.

“(Complainant) called the number and spoke to a female on the other end of the line. (Complainant) explained the situation.

The female on the line explained to (complainant) that she should have been back further than 200 feet like it says on the truck.

(She) explained how could she stay back 200 feet if she was passing the trucks in the other lane.

The female on the line stated that (complainant) was trying to scam her and that’s why you have insurance.”

The complainant didn’t get the woman’s name, but she got a case number.

Matter of record: An officer was called to the truck stop on Highway 17 shortly before 1 a.m. May 13 “in reference to a two-vehicle collision between two semi trucks.

Central advised there were no reported injuries, no road blockage and the two drivers were engaged in a fight/disorder.”

The officer met with the drivers and a woman who was married to one of the drivers.

The complainant said that after the collision, the other driver “began to act irate by pounding on the front of his truck.

When he got out of his truck, (the other driver) pushed him and in the course of defending himself, he admitted to punching the other driver in the mouth.”

The other driver said that after the collision, he got out and went to knock on the other driver’s truck. “He advised that when (the complainant) got out of the truck, he struck him on the mouth.

(He) advised that when complainant struck him, it damaged the bridge (dental piece) that was in the front of his mouth.”

He refused EMS. The complainant’s wife backed up his story. Both drivers got a case number and were told how to get warrants, etc.

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