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RHPD reports: Tales of public drunkenness
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 From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Public drunkenness: An officer was sent to a Highway 144 business around 3:11 p.m. Oct. 1 regarding a missing person. There, the officer met the complainant, “who advised his wife … existed their vehicle while at the intersection of State Route 144 and Timber Trail Road. (He) stated he and (his wife) were enroute to St. Augustine to attend alcohol rehab for (his wife) when (she) left the vehicle.”

While the officer was talking to the man he got a call regarding “a subject laying on the ground near the intersection advised by (the complainant).”

The officer “relocated to this location and made contact with this subject,” who was later ID’d as the man’s wife.

She was unconscious when the officer found her, but woke up and said her husband had kicked her out of the vehicle at the intersection and left. She had a bruise on her chin but said she didn’t need EMS. She also smelled of alcohol and told the officer she’d been drinking.

At some point, she told the bruise happened when her husband kicked her out of the car, but he denied it. He also had video of her in which she already had the bruise – which the woman apparently then claimed happened at their home, which was in the county, so Bryan County Sheriff’s Office was “notified of the incident,” the report said.

The husband, meanwhile, said he didn’t want to drive to rehab because she might get back out of the car. She also didn’t want to go, and because she was drunk the officer arrested her for public drunkenness.

Public drunkenness part 2: Around 8 p.m. Oct. 1, an officer was sent to a gas station at the Highway 17 interchange “in reference to an intoxicated male approaching customers and being belligerent.”

The man, who had a shaved head and cut-off t-shirt, smelled of alcohol and wouldn’t show the officer his ID. The man, who had a Michigan address, told police he “was hitchhiking and looking for his traveling partner.” He also was “sweating profusely,” and acting weird, according to the report, while also noting he had been sleeping behind a Dollar General. He was arrested, but didn’t go quietly.
“(He) became irate and was shouting profanities at me,” the officer noted.

 Matter of record: An officer reported this took place around 1:20 p.m. Oct. 5 in the Kroger parking lot: “City units were dispatched to Kroger in reference to a child locked within a vehicle. Prior to my arrival I asked dispatch to make contact with a locksmith to have the vehicle opened to which they advised they could not reach anyone.”

The officer met the child’s mother, “who advised that she started the vehicle with the remote start but the vehicle had now shut off and the keys were locked within.”
The officer double checked on a locksmith and was told there wasn’t one available.

“During this time it was approximately 86 degrees outside and the sun was coming from behind the clouds potentially raising the temperature inside the vehicle,” the report said. “With (the mother’s permission) I removed my window punch and shattered the driver side front window. I removed the glass and unlocked the vehicle allowing (her) to access the juvenile.” 

Matter of record: This from an Oct. 8 report made by the Richmond Hill Primary School principal:

“(She) advised that a parent … sometimes disrupts the car line. (She) said that one of the teachers on car line duty had an incident with (the parent). It was explained that (the parent) stopped her vehicle by the crosswalk and an adult exited the vehicle with a child and started walking back to Carver Elementary. (She) told them that they cannot stop there and to get back in the car and go through the car line correctly. Allegedly (the parent) yelled out saying that everyone does it and told her student to keep going. (She) then drove to the Primary School and dropped her other child off. (The teacher) also stated (the parent) was boisterous and blew her horn at her as she was leaving the school.”
The officer said there didn’t seem to be a criminal act involved, “as the motorist behavior was governed by school policy,” the report said.

“However, I advised that if they felt it was a safety concern to call 911 at the time of the incident.”

The principal asked for a report for documentation.

Simple battery: Police were sent to a Sterling Creek home around 3 p.m. Oct. 5 because a father had a problem with his son.

The father said he got home and found a woman in his home, and said he’d told his son “numerous times that he does not want her in his home.”
The father said his son told him to mind his own business and the woman wasn’t leaving. “(Father) then advised that (his son) asked him for a cigarette. (Father) advised that he is tired of supporting an adult male who just lies around the house with (the woman) eating all the food and not contributing to the household.”

The father said he told his son to get his own cigarettes and his son reached for the cigarettes in his shirt pocket and tore off the top of the pack, and to avoid a fight he turned and left.

“(The father) advised that is when (his son) struck him in the back with a broom,” the report said. “(The father) advised that he got into his truck and called law enforcement.”
Police saw “a straight cylindrical marking consistent with the handle of a broom,” on the man’s back, and so officers then talked to the son.
He said they argued but the argument never turned violent. The mark on the father’s back disproved that statement and the son was arrested, the report said. The woman was given a courtesy ride to her home by officers.

 Reckless driving, more: A 30-something-year-old Savannah man was arrested around 10 p.m. Oct. 5 after police were sent to Piercefield “in reference to a report of a man on a scooter driving at a high rate of speed through the neighborhood disregarding stop signs,” a report said.

The officer spotted the man on the scooter, and he had a young boy on the back, “and neither wore any form of protective equipment.”  

The man on the scooter passed the cop and “I observed him notice my clearly marked patrol vehicle,” the officer reported, so he turned around and saw the scooter run a stop sign and then drive into a backyard.
After a foot chase, during which the man threw something into some nearby bushes, he was arrested. He also smelled strongly of alcohol and “very intoxicated.”

Police found the item the man had tossed away – “a small jar of marijuana,” the report said – and they found the scooter the man was driving had its VIN number altered. The child was ID’d and his mother called.

The man was taken to RHPD, and he didn’t go quietly, the report said, and later asked for EMS, who came and “cleared him,” but he wanted to go to Memorial so he was taken there by an officer, and “cleared with no injury,” and was then taken to the jail and booked.

 Matter of record: A woman reported Oct. 5 that someone “loosened the valve stems on her vehicle’s tires.”

The woman lived in Ways Station Apartments. A friend discovered the valve stem was loose and tightened them “after discovering the air in the tires was low.” The woman said other residents had the same issue with their valve stems and wanted a report. 

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