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RHPD reports: Spree of backup camera coverings reported in neighborhood
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From Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports: 

Matter of record: Two men who live on Glen Way reported Aug. 10 that “people’s reverse cameras on their vehicles (were) being covered up by paper stickers.”

The men told the officer that “between 0330 this morning and now someone covered up their reverse cameras on their vehicles with a piece of paper,” and that “all vehicles in the area with backup cameras received a sticker over their reverse camera.”

The report continued. “Nobody in the area had any footage of the individual and saw no one in the cul-de-sac area during the morning time.”

The officer drove around the neighborhood and “found that all vehicles parked at the beginning of Cantle drive by the entrance of the neighborhood got stickers put over their reverse cameras.

One set of vehicles had a school bus sticker put over the camera and others advised they had motorcycle stickers put on theirs.

The stickers appeared to stop being placed on vehicles once you entered the town home section of that street,” the report said.

Matter of record: A clerk at a motel at the Highway 17 exit off I-95 reported Aug. 12 that a woman “walked into the hotel and asked for a room,” the report said, noting the “female displayed a Pennsylvania license. (The clerk) advised the female the license was expired and that she would not be able to get a room. The female then got on her phone and called someone to come in that her (bleeping) license was expired.”

Then, a man “entered the hotel and started calling (the clerk) a (bleeping bitch) and that he would be back because his name was Dominique.” They then left.

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