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RHPD reports: Officers sent to family dispute
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Threats, etc: An officer was sent May 10 to a spot near a home on Boyd Drive “in reference to a subject possibly threatening others with a firearm.”

The officer met one man near the home and “quickly learned that the subject possibly making the threats was his mother.” The officer also learned the man’s girlfriend was inside the home.

The officer was able to speak to the girlfriend by cell phone and she thought she was safe but afraid, because the mother had “informed her that she had a gun and was threatening to shoot the dog and intruders in the home,” and “was afraid (the mother) might see her as an intruder.” The girlfriend said she couldn’t see a gun, but while speaking on the phone the officer could hear someone yelling in the background. It got louder, and the girlfriend said the mother was “walking down the hallway toward the room she was in.”

So, the officer told the son he was heading to the home. He also let RHPD know what was happening. He then “conducted a tactical approach to the residence while observing for any signs of trouble from within the home.”

He could hear yelling coming from inside, and the mother yelled out the front door. She then “opened the front door and began yelling profanities at me, telling me to go away,” the officer reported. “At this point, I have not seen or heard from (the girlfriend) yet.”

The woman then stepped onto her front porch and“held her hands in the air while yelling that she had dementia.”

The officer followed her back into the home and asked her to stop. She got angry and had to be handcuffed. She had no weapons, but “refused to settle down for me to ask her any questions, so I decided to secure her in a patrol vehicle.”

During that time, the officer smelled alcohol on the woman. Meanwhile, the girlfriend was unharmed and her son said his mother kept a .357 magnum revolver in the home “and sometimes had it close to her when she sat in the living room.”

The gun was eventually found in a locked box under the mother’s bed, and the officer found a large, nearly empty bottle of 1800 tequila near the chair where the woman was sitting.

EMS was called and the mother’s daughter came to talk to them and her mother while the officer spoke with her son and his girlfriend.

She told the officer she’d recorded part of what happened before he arrived and “I heard (the mother) yell at the (girlfriend) and share her opinion about her and (her son) still living in the home. She repeatedly informed (the girlfriend that they) needed to move out of the residence.”

At one point, the officer heard the mother make a reference to her pistol and “yelled, ‘Bang Bang!’ I heard a third voice in the recording at this time say, ‘Momma, that’s not funny.’ (She) then repeated ‘Bang Bang’ and appeared to chuckle while yelling something that I could not understand.”

The third voice belonged to the woman’s daughter, who had been in the house. Meanwhile, the woman refused EMS transport, “but agreed to be evaluated by a doctor at Memorial” and RHPD “ensured transport to the hospital for an evaluation.”

Property damage: A Maryland woman stopped at Love’s Truck stop on May 7 to report a semi hit her car and kept on trucking.

“She stated that she was in the right-hand lane when a tractor trailer came into her lane and the passenger rear of the trailer made contact with the driver fender of the vehicle she was driving.”

The woman didn’t know she was headed south (she did know she was going to Jacksonville) and didn’t get a tag number, but could tell the officer the trailer was red and white.

The officer thought it was possible the trucker had no idea he hit the woman’s car.

“From how she stated the incident occurred, along with the damage to the vehicle, the driver of the semi may not have felt the collision occur and was unaware of it occurring. Also, from the explanation of the driver, (her car, a compact) was in the blind spot of the truck and was unable to be seen by the driver of the truck.”

The damage to the woman’s car “was a long metallic scrape,” but wasn’t enough to explain the damage without more information from information witnesses, etc., the officer reported. The woman got a case number.

Stolen bike: A man staying in a local motel reported May 7 his bike was stolen. He told the responding officer he “heard rustling outside of his door while in the bathroom,” the report said. “He then observed a white male take his bicycle from outside his door. He is described as a white male, shirtless, blonde hair, and clean looking. He then observed him take the bicycle out of the (motel) and ride it down (Highway 17) southbound.

Cops and deputies kept an eye out for the bike until it was located on I-95 “just south of Exit 87.” The bike was recovered and returned to the man, who declined to prosecute.

Criminal trespass: An officer was dispatched to a Linwood Avenue address regarding a domestic dispute between a mother and her 18-year-old daughter.

The mother said her daughter “was out drinking with her boyfriend and she just got home smelling like beer. She confronted (her daughter) about the drinking. She stated (her daughter) became aggravated and they both started to yell at each other. (The mother) stated then (her daughter) pulled from the wall a decorative wooden plaque with the word ‘welcome’ and broke it against the floor. (She) also pulled a small painting from the wall causing damage to the sheetrock” The daughter told the officer “that when she returned home her mom was drunk and started to harass her about drinking. (The daughter) admitted to having a couple of beers earlier when she was out with her boyfriend and to have caused damage to the wall and breaking the wooden plaque.”

She was arrested.

Matter of record: An officer was told May 8 that the Richmond Hill Elementary School principal “may have counterfeit money” and went to the school, where he was shown two $5 bills.

“I immediately noticed pink Chinese writing on the left side of the bills (front and back),” the officer reported, noting other marks on the bills that weren’t what you’d expect to see on a $5.

“I asked how they got the money and (the principal) explained that a student gave the money to another student who turned it over to a teacher,” the officer reported, adding the bills looked more like fake money than counterfeit money.

The bills were given back to the mother of the kid who brought them to school. She told the officer “they bought the bills off as props for a Youtube video. She advised that her daughter must have taken them from her room without permission.”

The officer “cautioned” the mother “about the consequences that could happen if someone was to try and pass the fake money as tender.”

Traffic offenses: An officer patrolling Piercefield early in the morning May 10 saw a car go through a three-way intersection without coming to a complete stop. He pulled the driver over. The driver said he didn’t have his license. The officer asked where it was “and he stated that it is at ‘the house.’ (The officer) then asked what state his license is through, to which he replied ‘Mexico.’ (The officer) then asked him if had an operator’s permit in the United States, to which he replied no. (The officer) then asked if he had any documents allowing him to drive in the United States, such as a stamped permit in his passport, to which he also replied no.”

The man was arrested and cited for various traffic offenses, etc.

Matter of record: An RHPD officer was contacted by Savannah PD around 8 p.m. May 10 regarding an incident in their jurisdiction involving a man and woman who’d been found “passed out in a vehicle with two small children (ages 4 and 2).” The Savannah officer said the kids’ biological father and grandmother “traveled from Atlanta to Savannah after seeing a post that was made on Facebook of the incident.” The Savannah officer was with the father and grandmother and said the two kids were last known to be staying at a local motel room.

So, RHPD officers went to the motel to check and found three of the four were still there, with one child drinking Sprite from a 2-liter bottle and the woman passed out on the bed beside an open bottle of rum. The man was gone.

Officers took the Sprite bottle from the child to check if there was alcohol in it, and there was none. The woman was woken up, said she didn’t feel well and had taken a couple of shots. She agreed to let them search the room and the report said that while it appeared to be a mess “the children did not appear to be in any immediate danger at that time.”

The only sign of possible drug use was an empty bag “commonly used to hold illegal narcotics,” but “it did not appear to have any residue on it.”

The kids “were eating some food and other food and drinks were observed in the room. They were clothed and other than some food stains on their clothing (to be expected with young children) appeared clean, happy, and healthy. However, I did have some concerns about the level of supervision for the children.”

So, DFACS was called and spoke with the two adults – the man had come back “from work in between this time and had brought food from McDonald’s for all those in the room,” while the children’s biological father and grandmother, had shown up and were waiting near the motel.

The DFACS man conducted an investigation and a “safety plan” was put in place for the kids, with all the adults agreeing to it.

Disorderly conduct: Police were sent May 10 to an Enmarket on Highway 17 regarding three women who threatened the clerk.

According to her, the three went in and “demanded the photo of the ‘ultrasound.’ She told them she did not have it, this was when (one of the women) went behind the clerk’s counter and told her ‘she was gonna beat her (bleep).’ (The clerk)( told them to leave and that she was going to call the police …..”

They were gone when the officer got there. The clerk told him the “’ultrasound’ event has its origin in 2013 when she was in high school and that she knew three women from back in high school and she no longer had the ultrasound they were looking for. (She) believes their goals were to harass her at work and to aggravate her to the point where she would fight them. She stated there was not physical contact among them, but that their stance was very aggressive,” the report said.

The woman said she wanted a report just in case the women came back. The officer told her to call back if they did.

Matter of record: An officer was sent May 11 to the “intersection of Magnolia St/Parkwood in reference to a parking complaint. When I arrived, I was informed that there was a ‘no parking’ sign missing from across the street of (a Magnolia Street address),” the officer reported. “After investigating this, I observed a large hole which may have been where the sign was located. After looking in the area near this location, I found the ‘no parking sign’ located in the bushes. The sign appeared to have been in this location for some time as it was rusted and in poor condition. I advised the residents in the area that I would forward this to the appropriate personnel.”

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