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RHPD reports: Man’s ‘soon to be’ ex-wife a pain
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Matter of record: A man working at a local parts store reported Nov. 25 his “soon to be ex-wife” wouldn’t stop calling the store. “He advised he’s told her, and the managers have told her to stop calling,” and that “(she) had called 30 times between the times of 1545 hours and 1650 hours,” and that it was starting to irritate everybody.

The man wasn’t sure where she was staying, but he wanted her to quit.

Matter of record: An officer reported Nov. 30 while helping with a single-vehicle crash at the northbound exit 90 exit he was walking on the ramp and “happened to come across a tennis ball on the ground,” a report said. “Closer examination of the tennis ball revealed it had a small cut on it and when I looked inside it, I noticed a small plastic bag of a white powder substance (suspected to be cocaine).” The ball and the bag were taken to the evidence room.

Matter of record: An officer was sent Dec. 1 to a Highway 17 gas station where the manager reported two people pulled up to a pump “but began using the opposite pump by pulling the fuel line across in the opposite direction,” a report said.

The manager said that caused damage to the pump so he shut it off, then went outside and “told them they were using the wrong pump at which point he stated they began to yell and curse at him. He advised him he just wanted to pay for the fuel they had pumped and be banned from the property based on their disruptive behavior.”

The officer talked to the two men, who said they only yelled at the man “once he was already yelling at them,” and they “:only wished to get gas and would pay for the gas they already pumped.”

One of them then went inside, paid for the gas, and then they were both issued notices not to come back.

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