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RHPD reports: Man loses his mind at truck stop
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Disorderly conduct: A man with a Piercefield address was the subject of a 5 a.m., Dec. 9, 911 call from the T/A truck stop. There, police found him in the bathroom area “laying on the ground in the middle of the hallway,” with one of his legs “contorted inside his pants in such a manner that his foot was near his lower back.”

At that point, “(the man) began making inappropriate sexual advances towards officers,” and as they tried to ID him he showed signs of being both drunk and under the influence of “an unknown narcotic,” because “his speech was quick nonsensical ramblings of a sexual nature, he would randomly yell, and his eyes would not stay focused in one position.”

The man was arrested for public drunk and disorderly conduct, he was cuffed and “his leg was repositioned into his pants properly prior to being escorted outside the establishment and positioned (in front of an officer’s patrol car.”

Bryan County EMS was called to check the man out, and when they got there, “(He) began making sexual comments towards EMS personnel and then began making motions as though he was trying to have sexual relations with the front of (a patrol car).”

EMS said the man should be taken to the hospital for his safety, and a couple officers went with him in the ambulance to Memorial, where he was “cited accordingly and released to appear (in court).”

Suspended license: A Florida woman was charged with suspended license and driving on the wrong side of the road after she went the wrong way Dec. 7 on the I-95 North off ramp at Highway 144. An officer spotted her turn the wrong way onto the ramp and radioed for help, and as officers arrived, a Bryan County Sheriff’s Office deputy was able to get there and “positioned his vehicle in a safe manner so on-coming drivers could see our location.”

The woman said she was “confused, could not see, observed a sign that said ‘road blocked’ but still merged onto the off ramp.”” Her car was towed. She was given a ride to a local motel.

Suspended license: An officer running radar on I-95 around 3:20 a.m. Dec. 13 clocked a sedan heading south at 90 mph and pulled it over.

The 45-year-old driver, who had a Pennsylvania address, gave the officer and insurance card “and advised he did not have a valid license due to a previous DUI conviction in Florida,” and a check of the man’s license status revealed “both his Florida and Pennsylvania licenses were suspended,” a report said.

So, the officer asked how many times the man had been charged with driving on a suspended license the past five years and was told three, which was almost right. Another check showed the man had been convicted for driving with a suspended license four times – the most recent on Sept. 11.

He was arrested again for driving on a suspended license.

DUI: An officer on patrol around 2:43 a.m. Dec. 12 spotted a car near Town Center Road driving through a construction zone on 144. The officer wrote he initially though the driver was trying to “get back on to the open road from the Ford Plantation” but kept going “towards the gap in the next set of barrels near the end of the construction zone,” so he pulled the car over.

The driver said he was leaving a friend’s house and didn’t know the road was closed. As they talked, the officer smelled booze and the man insisted he hadn’t seen anything stating the road was closed, despite the officer having seen him drive around “the road closed signs.”

A check of the man’s license showed he didn’t have one. The man was ultimately charged with failure to obey a traffic control device, driving without a valid license and DUI.

Criminal trespass: A man in The Bottom neighborhood reported Dec. 18 that his neighbor was on his property.

“Uninvited, (the neighbor) was seen cutting (the complainant’s) grass,” a report said, adding that “(the complainant) said (the neighbor) had knocked over his camera near his rear door, suspecting it was on purpose,” and “therefore (the complainant) called to report the incident.”

While the officer was talking to the complainant, the neighbor “arrived back on scene in an attempt to apologize,” but the complainant still wanted him issued with a criminal trespass notice.

Suspended license: An officer clocked a car headed east doing 61 mph on Harris Trail around 1 a.m. Dec. 4 and pulled the driver over. The man’s license had been revoked in New York. He was cited and the vehicle was turned over to his son, who had a valid license.

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