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RHPD reports: Incidents at local motels
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Theft: On Jan. 31 a man called police from a Highway 17 motel room and an officer in turn called the manager to let her know they were there to speak to him, and that “there have been multiple calls for the occupant of that room,” which led the manager to say “that she had multiple complaints about that occupant as well,” and that she was going to ask him to check out the next day.

An officer went to the man’s room, and asked “what he was calling the police for,” and the man “stated the reason he was calling the police for was to report people making fun of him having sex from adjacent rooms.”

Then, the man reported “that his Sony Digital Paper was stolen from his room three days prior along with two sets of keys, one set was on a green lanyard and the other was on a black lanyard.”

The man then said “those items were on his desk in the room adjacent to his, which he was also paying for. (He) stated that he has had other items come up missing in his room but they had been returned to him from other hotels.”

The man said he talked to motel management and was told no one had taken his belongings. After giving the man a case number, the officer went back down and talked to the manager, who asked him to let the man know he needed to check out the next day. The officer did so, then gave the manager a case number as well.

On Feb. 1, police were sent to a local campground regarding a “wanted person” there. It was the same fellow, who was wanted for a probation violation in Fulton County. He was arrested.

Disorderly conduct, more: Police were called to a Highway 17 motel around 10:30 Jan. 28 regarding a “female arguing with some guys near a truck parked in the parking lot ….”

There, they ran into a woman who “was screaming and crying,” and claimed “they beat the crap out of me with some bolt cutters.”

When asked who hit her, she “kept saying it was the guys by the truck.”

The officer saw the woman was bleeding on one side of her face and bruised on the other. When he tried to get more information, “she sat down against the wall and started screaming and crying some more,” and was described “as very uncooperative,” etc.

The officer called for EMS to come and photographed the woman’s injuries. “(She) was displaying a dislike for police and stated multiple times that she was raped by Atlanta police officers in the past,” and wouldn’t let anyone get close to her, the officer reported.

At the same time, other officers were trying to talk to her boyfriend, who was already in handcuffs, and here the narrative gets confusing, but the boyfriend, who may have been her husband, was arrested on an unrelated charge, and the woman’s mother was called.

She told RHPD “her daughter (and her boyfriend) had got into some trouble in Savannah and they were banned from the city of Savannah. (She) stated she helped her daughter and (her boyfriend get a room in Richmond Hill). (She) stated her daughter had severe mental issues and also was a very heavy drinker.”

When an officer asked why her daughter was in Savannah to begin with, the mother said she “wanted to see her son who was currently staying in Tybee Island …” At some point police put the woman in a prisoner transport van to take her to the hospital, and then an RHPD officer said he “spoke to the guys by the box truck.”

Apparently, the woman “was inside the box truck and the guys that were moving items to and from the box truck noticed (her) in the cab of the truck.”

A complainant from the box truck said the woman “grabbed the bolt cutters and stepped out of the truck and demanded (he) give her a cigarette. (He) provided her the cigarette and she dropped the bolt cutters.”

He didn’t want to press charges.

Public drunk: Police were sent Jan. 28 to a local real estate agency regarding “an irate customer who had left but was returning.”

There, they said the man “became irate with them,” smelled of booze and “had left to get a money order but was returning and they were in fear of him due to his demeanor from first contact.”

About then the man pulled into the parking lot of the business, and “upon making contact with (the man), he had an aggressive demeanor about him. He was constantly argumentative. He would not listen to lawful commands.”

Police asked him if he’d been drinking, and “he said he had the night before as not under the influence today.” Then he apparently said, “’She got lippy and I got lippy back.” When officers asked about profanity “he said he didn’t. However, he did advise he said (bleep).”

The man then tried to leave, and when an officer “stepped in front of him (as he was not free to leave),” the man ”raised his voice. He started aggressively saying, I’m a United States Marine Corp veteran. I have served in Iraq twice in combat. And I’m going to tell you something. If you throw down or draw down on me like that again ….”

Then, “while he was stating the above comments, (the man) was emptying his pockets and appearing to get ready for a fight. (An officer) advised him we did not draw on him. (He) began to stare at me and puffed out his chest. I advised him he has an anger issue. (The man) continued to say ‘no, I don’t. You know I have a problem with people bull-----.”

Ultimately, the man was determined to be under the influence. He was arrested.

Matter of record: A Blue Oak Drive man reported Jan. 27 that a contractor he had hired to do some work left him a note because he hadn’t paid up in full.

Actually, the man said he was out of town and got home to find “his son’s bicycle strapped to the front door with what appeared to be a two strap. There was also a handwritten note stuck above the front door using a dart.”

The note said the contractor had been asking for 30 days for his money, that his wife was terminally ill and her dying wish was that they get paid.

The note ended with, “I will be back!”

The complainant, who told police the work the contractor had been done incorrectly so he told him not to come back, said he took the note as a threat.

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