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RHPD reports: Honest employee turns in money
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Found property: Here’s some good news. A Family Dollar employee found a wallet May 18 in the parking lot. He opened it “and saw what he considered a large amount of money inside it.” He took it inside, put it in the safe and called police.

The wallet had $627, various IDs, a debit card, a number of gift cards and a AAA card.

After the man turned the wallet over to police, they went outside and ran into the man who’d lost it, who’d gone back hoping to find it. After identifying items inside, the wallet was turned over to the man, who “was very appreciative and was told a store employee found his wallet.”
The Family Dollar employee who did the good deed is Anthony Joseph Brown. 

 Public intoxication, etc: Around 11:30 p.m. May 19 officers were dispatched to help another officer “with a subject observed walking in the middle of Highway 17 near the Raceway Gas Station.” That officer was in the process of handcuffing one of three suspects when things got weird.

As police talked to the other two suspects – Suspect No. 1’s sister and girlfriend – “(his) demeanor quickly changed and he started saying he was someone else. (He) told this officer he was ‘Ted Bundy.’”

Then, “(he) became angry and started verbal threats to assault this officer. (He) was asked to sit on the curb in order to present him from assaulting this officer or anyone else. At first (he) refused to sit down.”

Later, after he kept it up to the point the man was deposited in the back of a police car, “he threatened to bite and (bleep) on officers.”

During the course of the stop police found what they suspected was pot, along with rolling papers and a scale. They also found three Ohio driver’s licenses belonging to three different people as well as a  pack of cigarettes containing “suspected marijuana blunts,” the report said.

After talking to the three, police learned the two women were actually twin sisters and one of them had “several misdemeanor warrants out of Ohio,” etc.

The car was towed. All three people were charged.

 Matter of record: You got to watch out for them preppy kids. Police were sent shortly after midnight May 20 to “the area of Butler Drive and Perry drive in reference to two white juveniles running through the area and in people’s yards. The complainant described them as having a ‘preppy, wavy haircut.’ She stated that she saw them near her house and asked them what they were doing to which they stated they were running around.”

The officer didn’t find them at that point, but about 15 minutes later another officer found three kids and they ran off in different directions. They were, however, subsequently rounded up. Two of them had the same address and one told police they were playing “ding dong ditch” – a game in which a kid or kids ring a doorbell and then run and hide.

After some discussion and permission from parents, the officer explained “the dangers of being out at night and of the actions they were taking,” and the kids were turned over to their parents.

Ding dong ditch?

 Marijuana possession, more: A detective was on Highway 144 shortly before midnight May 18 when he spotted a car heading west and straying out of its lane. The car was also going 70 mph. He pulled it over.

Inside were four juveniles, and the driver told the detective he “did not have a driver’s license, that he only had permit and did not have it with him. He went on to say that the owner of the vehicle had too much to drink and asked him if he could drive his vehicle.”

The detective reported he asked to search the vehicle and the occupants gave consent. Nothing of interest was found, the report said, but “it was later discovered that the temporary tag on the vehicle had been latered.”
it was towed, the driver was issued three traffic citations and all four kids were released to their parents after they signed a form.

 Marijuana possession: A woman was charged with possession of less than an ounce of pot shortly after midnight May 19 after she made a left off Sommers Boulevard into the T/A truck stop – right in the path of an oncoming police officer.

The officer’s report noted he “had to apply brake abruptly due to a black in color Honda … making a left ….”

When the officer pulled the car over, the driver, who had a Ludowici address, got out of the car and was “unsteady on her feet at that time,” the report said. “While (she) was searching for her driver’s license, I detected an odor of marijuana emitting from within her vehicle.”

The 31-year-old woman then gave the officer a Mississippi ID, and a check revealed she didn’t have a driver’s license from that state and couldn’t find one in her purse.

Officers also found a partially “consumed” bottle of wine and a plastic bag with what appeared to be pot inside. She was arrested, but the jail didn’t want her due to COVID-19 so she was released to show up in court. The woman called her mom to come and get the car.

 Matter of record: Police, EMS and firefighters were sent to the Marathon on Highway 17 around 8 p.m. May 24 because a gas pump was spraying gas.

The report said the victim paid for gas on pump No. 6, and pulled the nozzle out to begin pumping gas, but before he could get the nozzle into the gas tank “fuel just started spewing out of the nozzle,” the report said.

The man said he got fuel all over  his SUV and his face, and he told a clerk who in turn had to use an emergency shut off.

EMS checked out the man and used “saline to try and clean (his) face,” but the man refused a ride to the hospital. He did want a report made, however.

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