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RHPD reports: Flap over groceries leads to 911 call
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Matter of record: An officer was sent to the Dollar Tree shortly before 10 a.m. July 15 regarding a disorderly customer.

There, the customer told him he “put his basket of groceries on the checkout counter and the cashier told him to take his groceries out of the basket,” the report said. “(The customer) advised that he told her he would not. He advised that he did get a little loud but that is how he normally talks.”

The man also told the officer “he should not have to take the groceries out of the basket because he normally doesn’t and it is not in the Dollar Tree’s policy.”

The store manager, said the man “put his whole basket of groceries on the checkout counter and she asked him to remove the items from the basket,” and “he got mad and started yelling and cursing because he did not want to remove the items.”

The manager said that’s when she called 911. She also said she wanted the man “banned from the property because she said this was not the first incident with him.”

The officer then gave the man a trespass warning.

“(He) was receptive of the information about the trespass warning but he refused to sign it.”

The man was given a copy of the warning and he left.

Both he and the manager got a case number.

Matter of record: An officer responding to a “suspicious person's complaint on Harris Trail in the area of Piercefield” around 6:39 p.m. July 11 saw the complainant, a man, “walking towards his vehicle with a white female that appeared to be covered in mud.”

The woman was later identified as a friend of the man’s and a witness, and that she lives with the witness, “and they had a verbal disagreement which led to (the woman) leaving the residence.

The complainant said he found the woman sitting in the woods and was taking her back to the home.

The woman told the officer she didn’t need medical help and asked him if he’d take her back to the place she was staying, and along the way she told him she “was sitting in the woodline to collect her thoughts and decide if she wants to move back to Oklahoma.”

The witness, who was letting the woman stay in her home, said she was fine with her staying in the house but “did not want any more verbal argument in her home.”

The woman agreed, etc. It was unclear from the report why she was muddy.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to the Travel America truck stop around 9 p.m. July 11 “in reference to a suspicious person” with a white SUV and trailer who was reportedly performing oral sex acts for $10.

The woman told the officer she was stranded “due to the lights on her trailer not working.” The manager for the travel center wanted the woman banned. She was.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to I-95 around 2:49 p.m. July 11 regarding “debris in the roadway call near exit 87 southbound.”

There, he saw “what appeared to be parts from a baby stroller in the right hand lane. After clearing the debris from the roadway dispatched advised a red Dodge Journey had struck the debris and had the rest of the stroller stuck under the vehicle.”

The officer met with the driver of the Dodge, who said she was headed south when the stroller fell off the top of a black Chrysler Pacifica and she couldn’t avoid hitting it. It damaged her front bumper and radiator.

The driver of the Chrysler had also pulled over, and said he saw his kid’s stroller fall off and lodge underneath the woman’s car. “He advised he would have traded insurance information with the other driver, but due to having pulled off the interstate on opposite sides of the road he felt it would be too unsafe.”

Both drivers got a case number.

Matter of record: Police got “several separate calls for a tire which struck multiple vehicles on Interstate 95,” on July 17.

One man reported “the tire came from nowhere and struck his vehicle,” the report said, noting the man was able to safely get off the road. There was damage to the driver’s-side front quarter panel and undercarriage, and the man needed a copy for his insurance.

Another man reported he was headed south in the middle lane “where he observed other vehicles to his right start swerving. (He) stated that he observed a tire rolling and bouncing north on the southbound side … he could not move his vehicle out of the way in time to avoid the tire.”

The officer reported minor damage to the front end of th man’s car. He also saw a tire laying on the left shoulder that the man said “was the tire ….”

Matter of record: Police were sent to a local store on July 17, where an employee “answered the store’s phone and an unidentified male voice began telling him that (a co-worker) was racist.”

The unidentified male said by phone his “girl” had been in the store, and the employee “began speaking to the unknown male voice. (He) inquired to figure out what his co-worker did but the male voice would not cooperate. (An officer) was informed by (the employee) the male voice said ‘he’s got boys who could come handle it.’” The employee was given a case number, etc.

Traffic offenses: An officer working radar on I-95 around 10:25 a.m. July 16 clocked a car going 105 mph and abruptly changing lanes, tailgating, etc. He pulled it over.

The 19-year-old driver, a Pooler resident, said she didn’t know she was going that fast. She was cited for speeding and reckless driving and turned loose to appear in court.

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