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RHPD reports: Donation thefts lead to arrest
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Shoplifting: Officers were called to Goodwill shortly before noon on Christmas Eve regarding a woman stealing donations. There, they found the “white female going through the donations left in front of the collections portion of Goodwill.”

The woman, who has a Richmond Hill address, then told police “that she was taking things for a homeless woman who had shown up at her home,” the report said, and was told she couldn’t take the donations.

“(She) said that because the items were left next to the bin, on the sidewalk (the bin was full to overflowing), that it was the same as trash being left out,” the report continued, noting officers told her “that was not the case and that she was, in fact, stealing. (The woman) was adamant that she came to Goodwill daily, and that she would pay them tomorrow.”

Police instead told her to take the items from her car and put them back at the collection point, and she did, “but was argumentative the entire time and insisting that she was right to take the items.”

Once the woman put the stuff back, she was allowed to leave, although “there was 1 black garbage back and a blue backpack still in (her) car when she left,” and officers didn’t know whether those were hers or not so they let her leave with them. About 1:55 p.m., the reporting officer saw a car like the woman’s parked back in front of Goodwill. It was the same woman, “rummaging through bags of donations,” the report said. When asked why, she reportedly said, “’Because I’m stupid.’” She was arrested, given a court date, etc.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported Dec. 21 he was being harassed on Facebook.

“He explained that on Dec. 20, 2020 at approximately 1900 hours, he observed a negative comment in a Facebook thread in reference to an incident that had taken place in 2018. (He) showed (the officer) a screen shot of the comment thread, which showed a subject (named) stating the following, ‘Don’t pay him any attention. He got kicked off our neighborhood Facebook group for threatening the person who caught him on camera having an orgy in the neighborhood pool after hours.’ (The man) advised (the officer) that the statement was completely false.”

The man told the officer the latest comment was “an ongoing issue between him (and the subject) online.”

Police advised the man to block the subject and report him to Facebook, and also explained how to take civil action.

He got a case number and the screen shot was uploaded as evidence.

Speeding: A Brunswick woman was charged with reckless driving and speeding Dec. 3 around 2:40 a.m. when she was clocked going north on I-95 over the viaduct near Exit 87 at 111 mph. The woman “indicated she was late for work in Pooler,” and was ticketed anyway. Terroristic threats: A man reported Dec. 10 that a man who had applied for a job had threatened to “shoot up the place,” when told there wasn’t a position available. The complainant had called several times during the week asking about the job. The complainant also said the man “had informed him that he was currently homeless and down on his luck.” The complainant was given a case number and told to call back if the man returned.

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