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RHPD reports: Dispute over parking space, man reports jail inmate scam
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Matter of record: An RHPD officer was called to the TA truck parking area around 10:30 p.m. May 14 “to a report of a fight in progress with weapons involved.”

There, he met truck driver A, “who stated that the other truck driver (truck driver B) … was blocking him in and he couldn’t get around to find a parking spot.”

Truck driver A got out to talk to truck driver B, and they got into a “verbal dispute because (B) had his bright lines on and wouldn’t turn them off. (A) said that (B) opened his truck door and stepped out with a crowbar in his hands. At that point, (A) said hat he went to his truck and retrieved a hammer.”

Truck driver B said “(A) came to his vehicle threatening to ‘beat his (bleep) and ‘kill him,” the officer reported. “(B) said that because of the threats, he pulled out his break bar as he opened the door. (B) says that he never left his vehicle. (B) was argumentative with me and did not want to listen as I explained that both parties were equally at fault in the incident.”

Both drivers were told how to get a warrant and told by the TA manager “they were not allowed to park on the property tonight.”

Scam: A Richmond Hill man reported May 14 he got a phone call from 877-710-3334 with an automated message from Bryan County Jail “stating that an inmate at the jail would like to speak to him.”

The man said he worked night shift and was still groggy, so he couldn’t hear the name of the inmate, but “proceeded to choose the option to place the charge for the phone call on his cellular phone bill thinking that the caller may be someone in his family calling for assistance.” However, when he accepted the call and said hello, the person on the other end hung up. He checked with family member and learned nobody had called, and was worried he’d be charged for accepting the call. When he called the number back with the police officer present, “it answers with a message saying he has insufficient funds to complete the call and gives the option to add more money.”

The man called the jail and was told they couldn’t track down who made the call, and the officer tried to make sure that number was “the number from which inmates are able to call out and was advised that only the captain knew that information and he was not in at the time and they were unsure when he would be in.”

The officer told the man to monitor his phone bill and if the charge is on it to let the police know. He was also told to take a copy of the report to his cell phone company “should the charge be applied to his bill.”

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a Plantation Apartment’s address regarding “a report of a domestic disturbance,” in which “caller advised they heard yelling and smelled drugs at the location.”

The woman who answered the door said no one was arguing and she had been alone in the house asleep with her kids. A check of the apartment revealed a small digital scale and “blunt wrappers” commonly used to smoke pot in an upstairs bedroom where a child was asleep. In addition, “while observing (the woman) interact with officers it was apparent to me that she was moving in a manner which resembled a child walking like a dinosaur,” the report said. “She was making large erratic jerking motion which led me to believe she either had a cerebral injury or was under the influence of narcotics.”

No drugs were found, and the “condition of the residence appeared unkept but livable.” DFCS was contacted because of the smell of pot on the first floor.

Found property: An officer met with an EOM employee around 9:30 a.m. May 16 after the employee said he found a green tackle box on Highway 17 near Motel 6. The man said he picked it up and found it was full of prescription medicine. The medicine was prescribed to a man and the officer got hold of his contact info through the pharmacy, and he reportedly came back and picked it up.

Suspended license: An officer on patrol was told May 17 “there was a disorderly person in the main lobby of the police department, who was attempting to drive away on a suspended driver’s license.”

The woman had driven to RHPD to try to pay for a fine for failing to appear in court. The woman was arrested, and the owner of the car was called to come get the car and her property.

Speeding, more: An officer running radar on northbound traffic around 9:30 p.m. May 17 on Highway 17 near the Montessori school reported he clocked a motorcycle headed south at 87 mph and pulled it over at the Harris Trail Shopping Center.

The biker had bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelled like he’d been drinking. He had a .22 caliber pistol, and a brass buckle belt buckle, both of which were taken for safekeeping. The man blew a .099. The man’s Harley was left at the shopping center..

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