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RHPD reports: Clean plate on dirty SUV leads cop to traffic stop
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Traffic violations: An officer patrolling Harris Trail around 3:30 p.m. April 2 spotted a white Ford SUV that grabbed his attention “because the license plate was much cleaner than the vehicle.”

He ran the plate number and it came back belonging to a black Cadillac, and the plate had been reported as lost. A traffic stop followed, and the man said he’d borrowed the tag from a vehicle that frequented his place of business and he “forgot to return it.”

Long story short, the man’s SUV had no valid insurance and its tag had expired. He was cited and his vehicle was towed. The tag was taken to RHPD to be returned to the DMV.

Peeping Tom: An Osprey Drive woman reported a peeping Tom at 4:30 a.m. April 1. The woman said she was sitting in her living room when she saw someone looking in her back door. The man then ran through the yard and jumped the fence.

The woman said she had no idea who he was.

Matter of record: A woman reported April 3 a coworker “stated that he often helps people who are going through hard times financially” and would help her if she gave him her name, date of birth, Social Security number, email and email password by giving her $2,000. The woman said she gave the man the info and “never received the $2,000.”

The woman told the officer she hadn’t been ripped off yet, and the officer told her she “need to contact her bank, credit card companies and US Social Security and inform them of what has occurred.” The woman said she would. She also told the officer “that when she texted (the co-worker) in regards to her accounts and money, he replied with a picture of himself wearing a ski mask and holding an AR-15 platform rifle along with the text ‘…do you like toys?’” The woman was given a case card. The officer went to talk to the coworker, but was told he’d been fired over a month ago. Efforts to call his phone were unsuccessful and the officer was unable to leave a message.

Drugs, etc: Officers sent to Pigadilly Plaza on April 1 because two people were “smoking marijuana in a U-Haul truck.”

There, police asked a woman behind the wheel of the truck for ID and got a military dependent ID card. When they asked for her driver’s license she was unable to produce one and was asked to step out of the truck. She did, and sat down on a curb as told but as officers tried to talk to her and the man with her the woman “became agitated and defiant,” and after police tried to cuff her “out of concerns for officer safety,” she “then fell to the ground of her own accord and screaming she had autism and couldn’t be touched,” a report said.

After backup arrived, the woman continued to fight until police backed off, and EMS was called to evaluate the woman, who was apparently causing a ruckus. Eventually, additional police were able to get the woman and the man with her “secured,” and an search of the cab turned up a fully loaded .40 caliber Glock handgun as well as pot and Zanax, cell phones, etc. A full box of ammo was also found in the center console of the truck, the report said.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a subdivision around 7:47 p.m. March 31 where a man and woman said they were moving out and had a large trash dumpster delivered to their house, and a neighbor they knew only by his first name asked if he “could put a few things in the dumpster because he was moving as well.”

The next day they saw “their neighbor had put more items in the dumpster,” and so they talked to him and agreed he’d give them $50 “to help out with the costs,” and “according to the complainants (the neighbor) was told not to put anything else in the dumpster.” But, later, they noticed “the large dumpster was ¾ full of trash they had not put in the dumpster.” The officer tried to find the man. The complainants were given a case number.”

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