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RHPD reports: Child says dad preventing needed health care
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Matter of record: An officer was sent Feb. 3 to a home to do a welfare check of two kids based on allegations made to DFCS. The father said yes.

“Juvenile 1 advised she was in good health, but if she wanted to go see her psychiatrist or doctors she had to pay for it herself. Juvenile 2 advised his dad would make appointment to go see his doctors but would then cancel them because he had to work. (The son) advised his dad didn’t send him to the psychiatrist since his last voluntary treatment about a month ago.”

The officer let the kids go back inside and talked to the dad, advising him he had a responsibility to pay for his kids healthcare until they were 18. “He said juvenile 1 had graduated in a home school program about 6 months ago and had just been sitting around the house doing nothing,” the report said. “Juvenile 1 had eventually started working and (her father) had asked her if she could help pay for some of her doctor’s bills since she was graduated. He advised if she didn’t help pay the bills it was fine and he would figure out how to afford them.” 

The man also told the officer his new fiancé had been helping pay for their dental care. When asked why he hadn’t scheduled another visit with a psychiatrist for “juvenile 2” the man said he’d decided to go back to stay with his mother up north but had just come back Saturday. The man also said the ex-wife had been able to get their son three treatments a week, but after a month up there the son had decided he wanted to come back to Georgia because he missed his friends.

“(The father) advised he attempted to get his son to go back to school, but Juvenile 2 didn’t want to go,” and also said he wanted to go to a different therapist, which the father “didn’t understand since Juvenile 2 had been going to the same therapist for the past two years.” The father also said he “wouldn’t be able to afford to take Juvenile 2 to a therapist 3 times a week was still trying to get him an appointment for at least 1 time a week.” The man was told a report would be forthcoming.

DUI: Police were sent to a parking lot outside Bubba’s Bistro around 3:27 a.m. Feb. 6 because there was a pickup parked there with “lights on and the engine running.”

Not only that, but there also was a man inside “asleep in the driver’s seat along with alcohol bottles in the passenger seat.”

An officer knocked on the window and woke the man up, “and causing him to roll down the window. (He) stated that he parked his truck in the parking lot and then began to drink.” The man looked to be very drunk and when he was asked to step outside by police, he “opened his door and we saw that he was in his underwear,” the report said. An officer asked the man could put on his pants “and (he) grabbed a jacket and attempted to put them on as pants.

Officers found some jeans and helped the man “balance so he could put them on,” and after he declined to take a field sobriety test he was arrested for DUI. The man then started having trouble standing, said he’d taken some medication – police found Aleve in the pickup but no other medication – and EMS was called to come take a look at him. He was then taken to the hospital and his pickup was towed.

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