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RHPD reports: Bad smell finds rabbit, old trash at apartment
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Matter of record: An officer was sent to a local apartment complex around 7:30 p.m. June 23 regarding a smell coming from a first-floor apartment as well as “a lot of flies on the front window of the apartment.”

Police checked if anyone would answer the door, then the Richmond Hill Fire Department was called in and a first responder went in through a cracked window. “Upon inspection of the residence, a rabbit and old trash was causing the smell and the flies in the residence. The front door of the apartment was secured and the window was slid back into place.”

Speeding, etc: An officer headed south on Highway 17 near Ponderosa Road around 11 a.m. June 22 spotted a pickup that seemed to be speeding, so he turned on the front antenna “of my Raptor RP-1 RADAR unit and obtained a target speed of 86 mph.”

The officer turned around and pulled up to the driver, who had pulled the car into the truck stop there, then asked for the man’s license.

“He advised he did not have one as his was suspended (through Ohio for FTA and DUI),” the report said, noting the man said he was driving because his “friend was asleep.”

The man was handcuffed and he was searched, and the officer found “a clear glass tube,” with what appeared to be residue “commonly found with methamphetamine users,” etc.

The passenger, who also didn’t have a driver’s license but was woken up, said he’d recently bought the pickup but hadn’t gotten it registered in his name, or gotten insurance, nor did he have a bill of sale.

The pickup was impounded, the two men were cited and left at the truck stop until a coworker could pick them up, due to “COVID-19 protocol.” The glass pipe was taken to the evidence room.

Leaving the scene of an accident: An officer was sent to First Bank on Highway 144 around noon June 21, where a 19-year-old complainant said she was headed west on 144 near Kroger when a car came out of Kroger and started to merge into her lane. The complainant, who wasn’t hurt and didn’t want EMS, said she saw the car coming into her lane and so she slowed down and got into the center lane, but the car “continued to merge into the center lane as well and made contact with her vehicle on the passenger side.”

The complainant, who gave police the license plate number of the car that hit her, said it then “continued to conduct a U-turn in front of her of her vehicle and drove back the other way heading east on 144.”

A witness also showed up, and she said she saw the other car “conduct a U-turn around a white car that was in the center lane of traffic and went the same direction as she was traveling.”

The witness said she saw the complainant’s car had its flashers on and the driver looked shook up, so she turned around and went back to check on her - and by then the complainant had pulled into the bank parking lot.”

The witness told the officer the driver of the car that made the U-turn was “an older white lady with white hair.” The officer ran the tag and came up with the name of an 88-year-old woman with a Richmond Hill address, but there was no phone number listed, an when officers went to the address no one was there. The report said she’ll be charged as the at fault driver and for leaving the scene of an accident.

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