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RHPD reports: All this over a borrowed bike tire
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Burglary: An officer was sent to a Mimosa Street house around 6:30 p.m. June 30 regarding a “possible burglary in progress,” and there was met by a woman who “was very emotional and was saying that she observed two men come into her back yard and go into a shed and carry something out.”

The woman was so upset the officer reported he asked her to go get her ID, “hoping that would calm her down.” The officer then went to check out the back yard and was shown photos the woman had taken of the men with her phone.

She told the officer “she was sitting at the kitchen table and saw two men walk over to the shed.

(She) said she saw the males go into the shed and come out. (She) said she started banging on the window and one male came over to the window and looked at her. (She) said the males started to leave and she watched them walk around the house and get into a red truck and drive away.”

The woman said her son saw the men, and he told the officer he’d seen one of the men before.

The officer then learned the woman was on medication due to recent surgery, though she said we needed to talk to (a man) “because he would know if anything was missing.” At the same time, two additional officers as well as the reporting officer went to another address on Mimosa to “make contact with one of the alleged offenders,” who said he “had permission from (the fellow who would know if anything was missing) to go and get a bike tire from the shed. (The alleged offender) said that he (and the man who would know if anything was missing) are friends and that (he) said he could grab the tire.”

The reporting officer then went back to talk to the man who would know if anything was missing, and “he said that he does not remember telling (one of the alleged offenders) that he could have a bike tire.” The man who would know if anything was missing then “went and checked the shed to see if anything was missing and nothing was missing.

(He) said he would have given (the alleged offender) a tire if he would have asked, but he does not remember telling him to get a tire. (He) does not want (the alleged offender) trespassed from the residence and he did not want to press charges, but asked that (the alleged offender) make contact with someone at the house if he is coming over to get something.” The reporting officer went back to the alleged offender’s house and told him what the man who would know if something was missing said and made sure he was clear about going over to the house. “(The alleged offender) said he understood and was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again,” the report said.

Matter of record: An 18-year-old called RHPD because he’d been having a “verbal disagreements with person he attended high school with.”

The teen showed the officer texts from the incident, but “did not observe a specific threat,” or “specific information which showed (the classmate) planned on harming (the complainant). (Complainant) was advised he could block his number or ignore any additional communication from (classmate).”

Marijuana possession: An officer on I-95 near exit 87 on June 28 noticed a silver SUV “traveling in the right lane in front of me with a home-made cardboard license plate with ‘3-4-2020’ displayed as a license plate. A traffic stop was conducted near the Exit 87 ramp.”

The officer met with the driver, a Savannah man, and “noticed an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” he reported. “I further noticed a clear plastic bag on the passenger seat containing suspected marijuana in plain view.”

No other drugs were found, but the man’s license turned out to have been suspended for failing to pay child support. He was cited, then given a ride to a gas station and released to appear in court. The SUV was impounded.

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