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RHPD Blotter: Woman ticketed for going too slow in fast lane
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports

 Traffic violations: A Richmond Hill woman was ticketed July 2 after she was clocked going 65 mph in the fast lane on I-95 around 11 p.m. near mile marker 90. The speed limit is 70 mph, and the officer noted the 2009 Chrysler Sebring kept going 65 mph “as it was being passed by other motoring traffic in the middle and right lanes of travel.”

The officer caught up the car, which had a test drive tag on it, and followed behind, and the car slowed down to 50 mph, causing other drivers to have to merge into the middle lane to pass. The officer conducted a traffic stop near mile marker 88. The driver, a 22-year-old, had a permit, and  “there were no other licensed vehicles in the vehicle,” the report said. “There were, however, six juveniles ranging in ages from 1- to 8 years old sitting in four seats – none of them being properly restrained in child safety restraints.”

The woman told the officer she’d just bought the car and had yet to get insurance. The car was towed, the woman was cited and “she and her children were then given a courtesy ride to her residence.”

Matter of record: Two women were reported to be seen on Rice Gate Drive around 10:30 a.m. July 2 “digging a hole in neighbor’s yard but they did not live there.”

When the officer got there the women were gone, but they came back and one of them told him they thought the “residents left items on their property for people to take,” because the neighborhood had a yard sale, the report said.

The women were told they couldn’t take items from a person’s yard, and “only could remove items placed at the end of the driveway.” They apologized, returned the items and left a note for the resident apologizing. The homeowner wasn’t around and hasn’t “called to report any theft.”

 Matter of record: An officer was sent July 2 to a local motel on Highway 17 “in reference to possible harassment.” There he met with a motel employee who said the day before he got text from a man claiming “that they were the Fire Chief and had received a complaint about safety and bedbugs in the hotel,” and not to rent any more rooms out “until (July 2) at 1000 hours, when they would come perform an inspection of the premises.”

The complainant said he did as told but also called Richmond Hill Fire Department, and was told to file a report with RHPD.

The complainant also looked up the name of the man who allegedly texted him and saw he was general manager of a company that furnishes the motel with “fire extinguishers and alarms.”

Police tried to find out who the cell phone number belonged to, “but it was determined that the text came from a pre-paid phone and cannot be traced.”

The complainant got a case report number.

 Matter of record: An officer responded June 29 to a report of a vehicle fire at the I-95 Exit 82 off ramp around 5:55 p.m. and met with the driver, a South Carolina man who said he was headed south when “all of a sudden he smelled the heavy odor of gasoline coming from inside the vehicle.”

The man said he pulled over to look, and when he opened the hood he saw the fire.

“(He) recently spent $9,500 in repairs to the vehicle and believes that the mechanic may have done something wrong while replacing the fuel filter, amongst other repairs,” the report said.

The man was towing a trailer with a Harley Davidson on back and “was able to unhook the trailer and move it away from the engulfed vehicle. There was no damage to the motorcycle or trailer.”

A tow truck came and got the burned up vehicle. The man was given a case number.

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