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RHPD blotter: Man gets into fire department vehicle
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a White Oak subdivision address around 6:15 p.m. Sept. 9, where Richmond Hill Fire Department firefighters reported a man “tried to enter the RHFD Tahoe while they were on a call for service (at the address).”

The man “reportedly walked to one of the rear doors and attempted to open it,” and when confronted by a firefighter “the subject began acting strange and confused.” The man was asked if he was OK, and he said no and then “turned away, entered his truck and departed the area.”

The RHFD SUV wasn’t damaged and nothing was stolen. Police looked for the man, who was later stopped by the GSP at a Highway 17 gas station. The man told the reporting officer he was headed north on 17 when he “noticed the fire department traveling towards (the residential address). He felt as though he was being followed while driving and, upon seeing the fire department traveling with lights and sirens activated, he felt as though the fire department wanted him to follow them.”

So, the man followed them and then “noticed one of the female firefighters on scene looked like his ex-fiance,” the report said, then got out and “for an unknown reason tried to open the back door of the fire department Tahoe.”

The man told the officer he had a conversation with fire fighters for about 10 minutes before he left.

“(He) continually indicated that he was not crazy and would fluctuate between being calm and excited. A bystander who claimed to be (the man) indicated that (the man) has a long history of cocaine abuse. (The man) was subsequently arrested for DUI drugs (by the GSP) and later transported to (Bryan County Jail).”

Matter of record: Police were called to Highway 17 at the I-95 interchange around 5 p.m. Sept. 10 because a semi had broken down in the right hand lane of the road and the driver had left. Police arranged to have the truck towed because it was blocking traffic when the driver returned and “stated he went to the TA to get some help fixing the truck.”
“He was advised that vehicle maintenance could not be conducted in the middle of a state highway and that a wrecker was enroute.” The truck was towed.

 Matter of record: A man staying at a local motel called police Sept. 11 because the motel manager wasn’t giving back his $50 deposit. The man stated that the room was clean “and the manager was charging him because he took the smoke detector down and handed it to the manager. He stated that the low battery alarm was going off and he took it down to have the battery changed.”

The manager “advised that removing the detector is covered in the room safety deposit agreement. He also stated most people remove or deactivate the detector in order to smoke in the room.”
The men were told this was a civil matter and “would need to be addressed in court.”

They got case numbers.

 Speeding, reckless driving: An officer clocked a car going 110 mph south on I-95 around 11:20 p.m. Sept. 9 near mile marker 90. The driver was pulled over, and a check of the tag showed the Florida tag was supposed to be on another vehicle, so the Orlando man was cited for speeding, reckless driving and “use of a license plate to conceal the identity of a vehicle.”

Traffic offenses; An officer going to check out a disabled vehicle on the I-95 southbound off ramp at Exit 90 around 3:07 a.m. Sept. 6 saw the vehicle “stopped in the middle of the lane playing loud music.”

The officer hit his emergency lights and then went to talk to the driver, knocking on the glass. The driver, later ID’d as a Charleston man, “appeared to wake up and began driving off,” going “slowly through the intersection of the off ramp and Highway 144. He then drove west into the east bound lane on Highway 144 before driving over the curb and into the wood line.”

After checking on the driver, the officer checked his license and learned it was suspended. The man was also wanted in Hinesville for failing to appear in court. His car was towed. He was cited and released.

 Vandalism: A Live Oak Subdivision man reported Sept. 8 his vehicle was damaged by an egg.

Vandalism: A Richmond Place man reported Sept. 9 someone threw eggs at his car, damaging it.

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