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RHPD blotter: Drunk, disorderly and on the run in RH
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Public intoxication, marijuana possession: An officer patrolling Main Street subdivision around 11:53 p.m. Aug. 24 saw a pickup parked in front of a Laurel Hill address ‘with a white male laying next to it in the curb,” a report said.

The officer called out to the man “to ensure his safety and consciousness,” the report said. “I did not get a verbal response and I observed his eyes were wide open.”

The man was laying in between the pickup and curb, and a broken beer bottle was nearby and there was vomit on his clothes. EMS was called to check he man out and then he was charged with public intoxication.

Authorities then learned the man had borrowed the pickup from someone around 7 p.m. to get to his house. During a search of the pickup marijuana was found, so the man was also charged with that. The owner was then allowed to take his pickup home while the man police had woken up was taken to jail.

Theft: A construction superintendent told police Aug. 26 that 30 metal posts being used in the remodeling of Food Lion were stolen at some point after 5 p.m. Aug. 24. He got a case number.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to Harris Trail near Cypress Pointe subdivision around 9:42 pm. Aug. 26 because of a report a car was in a ditch.

When he got there, a man pointed to a red car in the ditch and then left. The officer then saw a man who’d climbed out of the ditch “and was attempting to help (a woman) up the same embankment,” the report said. “(He) advised everyone was okay and didn’t need medical attention.”

The officer asked the woman if she needed medical attention, and “she started screaming she was going to call her dad because she knew she was going to jail for what happened to her car,” then slid back down the embankment.

While trying to give the woman space to calm down, the officer asked the man who was driving, and he said he’d been driving. As the officer collected personal information, the woman gave her name and birthday before “stating she didn’t want to give it (because) she as going to jail,” and the man then told the officer her name was “Jane Doe and her birthday was 3/3/3.”

In the meantime, the woman had come “made it back up the embankment and was laying on the ground in front of (the officer’s) patrol vehicle stating her legs were itching and she wanted it to stop,” while the man with her was “screaming for her to stand up and ‘shut the (bleep) up,” the report continued.

The officer used his flashlight to check the woman and “observed what appeared to be multiple ant bites up and down (the lower portion of the woman’s legs),” and they “appeared to be breaking out in hives due to the quantity of ant bites,” the report said. EMS was called, but the woman wouldn’t let them help her and the man kept telling her to shut up.

At the same time, police tried to find out who’d been driving when the car went into the ditch and was told “they didn’t know who was driving,” and because there was no eye witness and both victims saying they didn’t want to do a report, they got a case number and called for someone to come get them.

Hit and run, DUI: Police investigating a wreck at I-95 and Highway 17 on Aug. 27 were told “the other party had driven off from the accident,” and that “the suspect was drunk and had passed out when he hit them and he ran over a street sign.

The man’s car was parked at Ashton Apartments, and police were pointed to the car.

The driver was still in the driver’s seat and police saw that he had an open beer bottle and an empty Jack Daniels bottle in the center console, and the man was obviously drunk. He later blew a .241 on a breath test and was charged with hit and run and DUI.

DUI, suspended license, open container, etc: An officer on patrol around 11:26 p.m. Aug. 26 saw a SUV turn south on Highway 17 without headlights and conducted a traffic stop.

“At this time, I observed three white males in th4e vehicle and the driver was twisting in his seat as if he was about to climb over the center console,” the officer reported. “I then heard the driver state to the front passenger, ‘dude you got to switch seats with me cause if I get caught driver I will go to jail for a long time.’” The officer noted the 21-year-old driver looked and smelled drunk. The driver blew a .170 and failed a sobriety test. He was charged with DUI, open container, suspended license and driving without headlights.

Suspended license, fleeing, reckless driving: An officer clocked a car going 50 in a 35 mph zone around 12:30 a.m. Aug. 21 near Cherry Street and pulled the driver over.

When the officer got out to approach the car, “the driver activated the brakes, put the vehicle in drive, and took off from the traffic stop location at a high rate of speed,” the report said, noting the officer suspected the driver was intoxicated due to the way he was driving and therefore a threat to other motorists.

The officer gave chase west on 144 at “speeds in excess of 100 mph,” then went left onto I-95 south. A check with dispatch showed the tag on the car didn’t match the vehicle, and the officer kept in pursuit as the car “continued south on (95) in the right lane at speeds in excess of 120 mph while failing to maintain his lane by going over the right fog line,” the report continued, before the car nearly rear-ended an 18 wheeler.

The car then got off on Highway 17 northbound and ran the red light at 17 and Harris Trail.

The narrative ended there, but the man was apparently arrested.

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