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RHPD blotter: 18-year-old arrested for going 122 mph on I-95
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Speeding, more: An officer running radar on I-95 near exit 90 around 9 p.m. June 8 clocked a car going 122 mph. “This area,” the officer noted,” of (I-95) is very dark and there was medium traffic in the area. Should the driver lose control of the vehicle and/or crash – the results would have been catastrophic.” The deputy caught up and pulled the vehicle over about a mile down the road.

The driver, who didn’t have a license on him, was arrested for speeding and reckless driving. Two “young female juveniles” with him were picked up by the mother of one of the girls. The vehicle, a BMW, was impounded. While inventorying the car police found a “glass smoking pipe with marijuana residue was found in the glove box.”

The driver, an 18 year old with a Springfield address, said it belonged to his. He was charged with possession of that as well.

Public intoxication, etc: Police were called to the KOA shortly before 10 p.m. June 9 regarding a man who “hit a tree while attempting park his (vehicle) at (a cabin at the campground).” The complainant said the man was staying at a different cabin. Police found the man sitting in a chair at the back of the cabin, trying to use a key to get in. “(He) was adamant that (the cabin) was his residence and that all he was trying to do was go inside. (Police) kept informing (him) that he is at the wrong address.”

The man was then asked how much he had to drink. “He said he drank about a pint of vodka,” and claimed he’d been drinking inside his cabin. A witness said the man only drove up about 10 minutes before police got there.

The man told officers he was coming home from work, and said he was stuck in traffic for two hours due to a wreck on I-16. Police then saw “a heavy amount of vomit on the driver’s side of the floor board of (the man’s) vehicle.” And while he agreed to take a field sobriety test, “due to (the man) being so highly intoxicated, the tests were not able to be performed. He was arrested, etc.

Matter of record: Police were sent to the Dogwood Inn around 5:30 p.m. after an anonymous caller said there were drug sales in one of the rooms, as well as weapons. The occupants of that room told the officers “law enforcement has been called to the room several times as a form of harassment,” and gave police the name of a woman they said was responsible. “(The occupants) advised that when new management came into the hotel they began kicking people out and she was one of them due to her aggressive canine. As a result she has been calling about numerous rooms to the extent of having DFACS coming out in an attempt to have them removed as well,” the report said, noting the woman had also called one of the occupant’s place of work “advising them (she) was a drug dealer. (She) stated that (the woman) is now taking this harassment too far and wishes that it be documented.”

Police gave the occupants of the room a case number. They were unable to get hold of the woman believed to have made the complaints.

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