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RH nixes bid to rezone
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Michelle Meachum, Richmond Hill’s top firefighter stands with Fire Chief Vernon Rushing at the council meeting. - photo by Ross Blair
The Jan. 16 Richmond Hill city council meeting was an emotional setting for one elderly woman and her family and neighbors.
What on paper looked like a simple ruling on a planning and zoning matter, turned out to be quite a bit more.
Eighty-year-old Margaret Fennel Judy, of 74 Linwood Ave., after having bad experiences in the past involving damages from renting her home out to others, decided she would like rent the rent to someone to use as a professional business office.
Her family and some of her neighbors supported her in her decision, while some neighbors avidly opposed the idea. Many from both sides came to city hall on this night.
The motion had previously been presented to Richmond Hill Planning and Zoning, with the department recommending to the council to deny the motion. The vote from the council members would be the final step.
Prior to the ruling, RH Mayor Richard Davis asked the neighbors to remain friends regardless of the forthcoming ruling, citing that he knew all of them. He then allowed Judy a few minutes to present her case.
Council member and Mayor Protem Floyd Hilliard said he saw no problem with Judy’s proposal, and voted to approve the motion which led to a roar of excitement from her supporters.
The excitement was short-lived as the remaining three votes denied the motion which led to an equally loud show of discontent from the bunch.
After the vote, Judy walked up to the disapproving council members, pointed her finger at each of them, and told them, “Don’t let this night come back to haunt you.”
On a lighter note, RH Fire Chief Vernon Rushing announced that Michelle Meachum was appointed Firefighter of the Year for her outstanding achievements for 2006.
Mayor Davis recommended Larry Barker for another term as CVB President, which was unanimously approved by council.
Also, approved as the 2007 CVB Board of Directors were Aimee Harris, Keith Page, Julie Osteen Seckinger, Kenny Patel, Pam Shores and Dan Brown.

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