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Q&A with Richmond Hill mayoral candidate Floyd Hilliard
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Editor’s note: We gave Richmond Hill mayoral hopefuls Harold Fowler and Floyd Hilliard a list of eight questions, time to do their homework and space for them to answer at length if they chose to do so. Here’s the result.


1. In consideration of the fact that the economy is still down and local and state governments are having to tighten their belts, where do you think the city will have to make the biggest financial adjustments in coming years?

First we must show fiscal responsibility by creating no new debt. We must maintain our financial health by having periodic budget sessions to insure we are sticking to immediate goals and service objectives. We must insure all fat is out from the budget and that we stay as lean as possible.

We are going to have to change our attitude to improve and preserve not create and spend. We must insure we are maximizing all State and Federal funding to reduce the burden on the taxpayers. And if revenues continue to decline and the economy continues down, a host of things may have to be looked into, such as fee for service agreements, impact fees, out sourcing and many more innovative programs. We all know there is a need to implement tighter controls on spending and this needs to be done immediately.


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