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Yorkie attack draws complaints
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

Dec. 9: A Bryan County Sheriff’s Office deputy was sent to a Sanctuary Drive address in response to “an animal complaint.”
The deputy spoke to a man who said his daughter and her friend took their 18-week-old chihuahua puppy for a walk that afternoon and were attacked by the neighbor’s 8-pound Yorkie.
The complainant admitted to kicking the neighbor’s dog to get it off his daughter and her dog, and then he took his daughter home to treat her wounds, which included several lacerations and swollen punctures that appeared to be from dog bites on the girl’s left wrist.
The deputy spoke to the Yorkie’s owner, who said the complainant had threatened to kill his dog. The Yorkie’s owner said he has an invisible electrical fence, but the battery might have died and caused the fence to fail.
The complainant said he only wanted the incident documented and did not want it reported to animal control.
• Deputies were dispatched to a Highway 119 address late at night in reference to shots fired from a car that quickly left the area.
Deputies checked the area, but could find no evidence shots had been fired. They talked to a neighbor who said he too heard shots and spotted “someone standing in the woodline with a flashlight,” the report said.
The man said he then went to check on a neighbor, found him OK and went back home.
• A deputy was sent to Charlie’s Road regarding a damaged mailbox.
A woman said her mailbox was fine around 1 p.m. the previous day. Around 7 the next morning, though, she noticed it was damaged.”
The deputy noted that the mailbox was bent and the door wouldn’t close. He bent the mailbox to its original shape at the victim’s request and secured the mailbox door to the closed position.

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