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World's worst pick-up attempt leads to arrest
Crime reports for April 28
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The following is from reports provided by the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department:

Shortly  before 1 a.m. on April 12, an RHPD officer was helping Georgia State Patrol with a traffic investigation on Highway 17 near the KOA Kampround.
“While doing so, I observed a (car) as it traveled south along (Highway 17) and pulled very closely alongside all three patrol cars located at the scene.”
The driver of the Mustang then stopped to talk to a driver who had been pulled over, asking if she was OK.
“After the subject advised that she was fine, (the man) pulled forward and stopped his vehicle, blocking the turn lane for the KOA,” the officer reported. “(The man) exited his vehicle and appeared to have a staggered gait, using his vehicle for support as he proceeded toward the female that had been stopped. He began to start a conversation with the subject as if there were no officers at the scene conducting a traffic investigation.”
The RHPD officer asked the man if he could help him with something and was told “that he was there to talk with the female and that he was concerned for her since she left the Jukebox Bar in such a hurry due to the fact she was upset.”
The RHPD office said the man’s speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol, but “I realized the license plate on his vehicle depicted that of a disabled veteran. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I attempted to conduct an investigation to determine if he was dealing with a physical ailment or if he was intoxicated.”
 The man denied having had anything to drink and refused to provide a breath sample. He was arrested and charged with DUI anyway.

Matter of record
On April 12, an RHPD officer met with a woman at the station. She wanted a report made in case a wedding planner “became threatening again.”
The incident began when the woman agreed to make a cake for a certain wedding planner for a cake to be delivered to Pembroke on a certain date.
“Upon doing a prior cake around the first part of March, (the complainant) stated that she and (the wedding planner) had been engaged in a disagreement over the state of the cake upon delivery,” the report said. “(The complainant) stated that she had felt threatened by (the wedding planner) from her text messages and voicemails that she had received from her after delivery.”
Still, “(the complainant) agreed to provide the second wedding cake. A deposit of $200 had been given (to the complainant) with a balance of $140 being owed upon delivery. Arrangements had been made to meet (the planner) in Pembroke to provide the cake and receive the balance of monies owed.”
Instead, the complainant said she got a call from the wedding planner’s fiancée saying “(the woman) had fallen and may have to go to the hospital and that he would meet her to sign paperwork on the remaining balance.”
The complainant said she waited three hours but nobody showed up. The woman asked for the report just in case.

Finally, a reminder that ham is a popular Easter dish.
An officer was dispatched on Easter Sunday to Krogers regarding shoplifting. There, he spoke with a cashier who said “she noticed what appeared to be a ham in the purse of a customer in the checkout line.”
The cashier questioned the woman about the ham and “the subject told her that she bought the ham from another store and hurried out of the store before she could confirm if the ham was stolen.”
The woman was described to the officer – white, 5-feet-2, brown hair, about 120 pounds – and the officer then spoke to the bagger, who “stated he noticed a ham and possibly some cheese dip in the suspect’s purse as she rushed by him.”
That’s not all.
“(The bagger) stated he followed the suspect out to her car where she told him she had a gun in the vehicle,” the report said. “(The bagger) stated he then stopped pursuing the suspect.”
He was able to provide police with a description of the vehicle she left in, including the tag number. The owner matched the description police were given.

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