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Woman who answers door at her home busted for DUI
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Sept. 4 – A vehicle was stopped at the Zip-N on Hwy. 204 after driving "all over the road," the report said. When the additional deputy arrived, the driver was sitting on his tailgate. The deputy asked if the man had been drinking, which he said he had been. As to how much, he said "too much to be driving," and as to what, he asked "does it matter," the report said. The man allegedly failed the field sobriety tests, and was put in the patrol car for transport. The report said the man "spit all over the back seat" of the patrol car during transit.


Disorderly conduct

Aug. 31 – Two men were allegedly beaten with baseball bats at the Zip-N on Hwy. 204. The suspects were said to have already left the scene in a white Dodge Stratus and gone into Taylor Place. All four alleged suspects were found, and taken back to the Zip-N for identification. One complainant immediately picked out the one who beat him and his friend several times. The other three were identified as trying to attack the men with pool sticks, the report said. They four men were taken to jail, and the complainant was taken to the hospital.


Cocaine possession

Aug. 29 – An anonymous call was made regarding two Pembroke men who were allegedly smoking "crank" on Charles Shuman Road, the report said. When the deputy arrived, the man who answered the door said he was alone and not doing drugs, and allowed the deputy to go in and look around. The rooms were checked out one by one, and the back bedroom held the jackpot, and another man. The deputy allegedly saw "some aluminum foil with a white powdery substance and beside it was a spoon with a white substance in it and some liquid that appeared to be drug related," the report said. The deputy then saw a "crack pipe and two small bags with what appeared to be cocaine inside" stuck between the mattresses. The bags tested positive for cocaine and the men, who are convicted felons, were arrested, the report said.


Disorderly conduct

Sept. 3 – Police responded to a 911 hang up call at Homestead Drive. When they arrived, yelling and screaming could be heard from within the residence, the report said. The woman who answered the door said her and the complainant had been fighting over topics ranging from her drinking and driving to their son. The deputy asked her to sit outside for a minute so he could assess the situation inside the house. Inside, witnesses said she had driven to the store after taking the complainant’s prescription drugs, including nerve pills. During the questioning inside, the woman repeatedly entered the home to continue shouting, until finally the deputy cuffed her for disorderly conduct due to her attitude, drunken state, and inability to follow instructions. After he finished talking to the witnesses, he searched the woman’s purse and allegedly found the prescription pills, some of which were in improper containers. Based on the pills, the woman’s initial discussion of her drunk driving, and her overall condition, the woman was also charged with a DUI.


Damage to property

Sept. 5 – Somebody keyed a Mitsubishi Mirage while it was parked in the Richmond Hill High School parking lot, in the complainant’s assigned parking spot. The deputy saw the vehicle was keyed on the driver and passenger side doors from the front fender all the way to the rear quarter panels. The offender is unknown.


Reckless golf cart driving

Aug. 25 – A boy was allegedly almost hit by a golf cart while riding his bike on Rathlin Road. The boy’s mother said that while her son was bike riding, a yellow golf cart attempted to run him off the road, and then followed him home. The deputy checked the area, but couldn’t find any yellow golf carts. A few days later, the woman said she found out the other boy the cart belonged to. She had spoken with the boy’s parents the officer told her how to get a warrant.



Aug. 25 – An Ellabell woman said someone tried to damage her fuel tank. She told police someone had poured motor oil into her fuel tank, and she thought she knew who had done it. Recently, she had gotten an email saying something like this might happen. She said she believed no damage had been done, because she had not cranked the engine when she noticed oil on the outside of the fuel door. The deputy also saw traces of oil but couldn’t find any visible footprints around the vehicle.


Terroristic threats

Sept. 3 – A North Carolina family reported that, after moving here to work for the complainant’s brother, there had been some problems. The man said he had quit working for his brother, and his brother has since asked him to move out of the camper he and his family has been staying in since their relocation. The complainant said he wasn’t ready to move as quickly as his brother wanted him to, and his brother had told him to hurry up and move or he would "kill and gut him," the report said. Witnesses agreed they heard the brother say it. The complainant was advised of warrant procedures.


Shots fired

Sept. 1 – A Pembroke woman has made several complaints of her neighbor shooting off his gun on Jerusalem Church Road. The woman reported on this date that she had heard several shots fired from her next door neighbor’s residence. The deputy couldn’t get in touch with the neighbor at that time.


Incidents taken from reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Office.

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