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Woman shoplifts with grandson tagging along
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Aug. 25
Harassment — A woman reported that racial slurs were yelled at her in the parking lot of a convenience store in Ellabell.

The woman stopped at the Zip-N food store on Highway 204 to get water after her car overheated, according to the report. A truck pulled into the parking lot, and its occupants yelled racial slurs and held a Confederate flag out of the window, she said.

The woman did not have a cellphone and drove “as fast as she could” to the fire station on Highway 204, the report states. A BCSO deputy escorted the woman to her destination in Claxton.

Aug. 23
Abandoned dog — A dog apparently was left behind after its owners moved of out of a home on Zachary Trail in Ellabell.

A neighbor said he had seen the residents packing their belongings and leaving the house three days earlier, according to the report. A BCSO deputy reportedly saw a large Doberman pinscher inside the house, but no lights were on, only a few belongings were inside, and no cars were in the driveway. The deputy said he saw an empty bowl on the floor and no water for the dog. He placed a bucket of water for the dog just inside the rear door and notified Animal Control.

Aug. 21
Dispute — A Pembroke woman alleged that her husband became violent after she would not give him the car keys to drive to the store and buy beer.

The woman said her husband “grabbed her by the throat” and dragged her “from the kitchen down the hallway” of their home on Highway 280, according to the report. The woman told deputies that she broke free, but he then grabbed her by her hair and dragged her outside, ripping her clothes in the process. The only mark deputies saw on the woman was a cut on one of her toes that she said came from being dragged down the hallway, the report states. The husband was not there when deputies arrived, and the woman refused to leave the house, according to the BCSO.

Domestic problem — An Ellabell woman reported that her husband crushed lightbulbs and put the pieces in her bed and on the floor, causing a cut on one of her toes.

The woman told deputies that she and her husband did not have a physical altercation at their home on Jeanette Coursey Road, but she felt unsafe and went to a friend’s house. She also accused her husband of stealing her full prescription (120 tablets) of Xanax, according to the report.

Mail tampering — An Ellabell woman reported that a $50 gift card was removed from a card her father mailed to her. The woman told BCSO deputies that, when she checked the mail, the envelope already had been opened and taped closed and the gift card was not inside. The U.S. Postal Service said it would investigate upon receiving the police report.

Aug. 19
Failure to report accident — An alligator allegedly caused a wreck on Interstate 95 that damaged a Statesboro man’s pickup truck.

A BCSO deputy responded to a witness’ call that a truck was in the wooded median of I-95. The deputy saw the “crushed remains” of an alligator about 50 yards from the pickup and a passenger who said the truck went off the road after hitting the reptile, according to the report.

The passenger said the driver had gotten a ride to Statesboro to pick up another truck to pull the wrecked one from the woods. Reached by phone, the driver said he was trying to save himself a towing bill and was given a verbal warning for not reporting an accident.

Theft — An employee of Dillon Transport in Ellabell reported that several items had been taken from his shop.

The man told BCSO deputies that the people who have been working for him for the past few years are “all good guys,” but he had noticed pieces of equipment going missing around the time a new employee started. The case was turned over to Bryan County detectives.

Aug. 16
Wanted person — A man stopped for speeding on Interstate 95 was arrested on a warrant for identity theft in Colorado.

The driver told a RHPD police officer the car was a rental and he did not have his Florida driver’s license with him, according to the report. A check of the name and birthdate he provided revealed the warrant, but the man reportedly told the officer he had never been to Colorado and even claimed not to understand what identity theft is.

Officers searched the car and found a Colorado driver’s license that had the man’s photo but a different name. The man said it was a friend’s license, and computer records showed the license number belonged to a dead person.

Inside the car were more than 20 bags of new clothing with the price tags still on them, along with two pieces of luggage containing new clothes, the report states. Also found were the rental-car contract in the man’s name and four credit-card receipts for purchases under the name that was on the driver’s license.

DUI, speeding — A Jesup man was arrested for driving under the influence after being clocked at 56 mph in a 35-mph zone on Highway 17.

The man told an RHPD officer he had drunk one beer at his mom’s birthday party, according to the report. A breath test indicated he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.098 percent, higher than the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

The 24-year-old driver also was cited for violating his instructional permit requiring him to have a valid driver over the age of 21 in the car with him.

Aug. 15

Shoplifting — A Savannah grandmother was arrested for stealing clothes from the Dollar General store in Richmond Hill.

The store’s assistant manager called police after seeing on a video monitor that the woman placed several clothing items in her purse, according to the report. When an officer arrived, the suspect walked out of the store, and the officer followed her.

The woman showed the officer the items in her purse, but claimed she was walking to her car to see if she had money to pay for them and then was going to return to the store. A family friend picked up the woman’s 7-year-old grandson, who was at the store with her.

Marijuana possession — A Fort Stewart soldier was charged with marijuana possession and driving without a license after being pulled over on Interstate 95.

The man was stopped after a check of the car’s tag number indicated he did not have insurance, according to the report. The driver provided an insurance card, and a call to the provider confirmed he did have up-to-date insurance.

However, the man did not have a valid driver’s license, the report states. Also, a suspected marijuana cigar was in plain view in the car’s ash tray, according to the RHPD officer.

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