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Woman requests ride to Florida, gets driven to Liberty County

Recent reports filed with the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department include:

Nov. 16

Reckless conduct, misdemeanor — A report of a person shining a laser at motorists near Crosswinds Drive was investigated by a BCSO officer.

Bryan County 911 also received a call from Jacksonville International Airport that someone had pointed a laser at a helicopter in the same area.

The officer briefly saw a green laser in some bushes along Wysteria and Crosswinds drives, but deputies couldn’t locate any offender.

Harassing phone calls, misdemeanor — A complainant called a BCSO officer to report to an Ellabell residence because the complainant’s daughter was making threats over social media.

The complainant told the officer that his daughter had been making threats to both him and his daughters. The comments were made on Facebook and were removed prior to the officer’s arrival. The complainant said his daughter had taken screenshots of the comments.

Nov. 15

Courtesy ride — A BCSO officer made contact with a woman at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Richmond Hill who said she wanted to go to church and then Florida.

The officer asked what church she was going to or wanted to attend; she responded Pentecostal, but desired to go to Florida instead. The officer told her he would take her to the adjacent county but no farther, and she agreed.

While driving, the officer asked her if she had any family; she said they were all dead and that she didn’t have any children. The officer didn’t find any medications or any other information indicating she was under supervision. The report states that she “appeared to be talking and act as if she was in her right state of mind.” The woman said she had money to eat and flew from California “a while back.” The officer took her to exit 76.

Nov. 13

Illegal dumping — A BCSO officer was dispatched to Beulah Church Road in Pembroke in response to a report of a suspicious vehicle — in this case, a truck parked in front of a gate that leads to private property.

After locating the vehicle, the officer made contact with a woman who was unloading such items as mattresses, televisions and furniture. When asked what she was doing, the woman said she was told to leave the items there for the city to come and pick up. The officer told her that she was illegally dumping and gave her 30 minutes to clean up everything or she would be charged.

The woman picked up the items and was escorted by the officer to the county landfill to dispose of them.

Nov. 12

Damage to property — BCSO deputies went to the Parker’s in Ellabell in response to a vehicle hitting and knocking over a fuel pump.

The complainant said a pickup pulled away from the pump, turned too early and hit the pump, knocking it over. Gasoline began pumping out; the emergency shut-off valve was activated to stop the flow.

The offender said he did turn too early away from the pump, causing the rear-passenger-side bed extension to hit the pump. No damage was done to the truck’s box.

Nov. 10

Animal complaint — BCSO officers went to an Indian Trail residence in Ellabell in response to a complaint of an alleged dog attack that killed several hogs. The complainant said he found his eight hogs killed in their pen. Two pit bulls, a male and a female, were in the corner of the pen.

The complainant said he didn’t want the dogs to go with Animal Control. Rather, he planned to put an ad in the newspaper for the missing dogs to get the dogs’ owners to pay for his loss.

Nov. 8

Public drunkenness — An RHPD officer was dispatched to the Travelodge for a complaint about a guest being verbally abusive and physically aggressive.

When the complainant told the front-desk clerk about the incident, the clerk said the suspect had been knocking on room doors, raising his voice and harassing her. The complainant said she politely asked the man to go to his room, but the suspect became verbally abusive, becoming so aggressive that the complainant’s husband had to intervene.

The officer saw the suspect outside the lobby and recognized him as a complainant from about 30 minutes prior who wanted officers to check on a female in another room. While checking on the woman, he was loud, interrupted officers and was asked to go to his room. He admitted to having had a few drinks. An officer told him that he could be arrested and was told to stop causing disturbances.

During the second interaction, the man was arrested because he was continuing to cause a disturbance.

Nov. 7

Matter of record — A BCSO deputy responded to a call at the El Cheapo gas station at Highway 144 and Belfast Keller Road. The clerk told the officer that a man had come into the store with a gift bag “looking for what appeared to be a juvenile female” after he bought $5 of gas in a gas can. According to the clerk, the female’s picture was on the front of the bag, and the clerk asked the man if he knows the pictured female. The man said he met her on Facebook and was going to see her and described himself as a friend of hers. The clerk said the man asked where the Marsh Harbour subdivision is. The clerk said she wasn’t sure of its location, but another customer said it was “down the street.”

The clerk told the man that she knew the girl, but didn’t know where she lives. The man left the bag with the clerk and asked her to give it to the girl if she sees her, but he would find the girl during the weekend if the clerk didn’t come into contact with her. The man said he had been “chatting” online with the girl but that her Facebook page had been removed. He decided to surprise her for her birthday. He said the girl’s parents nor the girl herself knew he was coming.

The man had already left by the time the officer arrived.

The report contains the man’s physical description and information on his vehicle. The gift bag contained a balloon, an ornament, a birthday card and two small charms.

Nov. 6

Matter of record — An RHPD officer was dispatched to the Parker’s station on Timber Trail in response to a report of a dog attacking another dog.

The complainant said he witnessed a neighbor’s schnauzer, which was being walked by its owner, attacked by a pit bull that had bolted from a house on Richmond Walk Drive. The complainant said it took him and several neighbors “around 2 minutes” to get the schnauzer out of the pit bull’s mouth.

The schnauzer’s owner gave a “nearly identical” report and said he wasn’t interested in prosecuting the pit bull’s owner on the condition that the owner pays for the schnauzer’s medical bills. The schnauzer owner said the pit-bull owner agreed. The responding officer spoke with the veterinarian treating the schnauzer. She said the schnauzer sustained cuts and puncture wounds, but no injuries were life-threatening. Cost for the surgery was estimated to be $250.

The officer tried to contact the pit-bull owner, but received no response at the door or to the officer’s card that was left there.

Disorderly conduct — RHPD units were dispatched to Jalapeños on Exchange Street in response to a report that a man holding an unknown item and threatening the staff.

One officer entered the building through the rear door, and another officer entered the front. The restaurant’s manager said the unknown male was in the men’s bathroom, had the unknown object and was visibly upset.

An officer, deploying his Taser, opened the bathroom and recognized the suspect from previous experiences. The officer commanded the suspect to get on his knees. The suspect seemed disoriented and was slow to obey, but did eventually and was restrained. A can of Perfect Duster was observed on the bathroom sink.

The manager said the suspect entered the restaurant through the front door and chose a table, placing a bottle of water on it. The suspect then entered the kitchen, demanding to speak to an unknown subject. He knocked over three plastic tubs and retrieved the aerosol can from his waistband. After growing more hostile, the suspect went into the bathroom and threatened “to kill everyone.”

The suspect told an officer that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and admitted to inhaling some of the Perfect Duster, although he said it “did not give him the desired effect.” He said he didn’t threaten anyone, adding that he “must have been speaking to himself.”

The suspect requested medical assistance and was released to Bryan County Emergency Services. He was cited for disorderly conduct. The can was bagged as evidence.

Matter of record — A complainant on Sterling Creek Drive reported to an RHPD officer that she had a run-in with a neighbor about a possum and its release.

The complainant said she trapped a possum in her yard and got in her vehicle to drive to a wooded area to release the animal. However, as she pulled out, her neighbor followed. The complainant drove to Port Royal Road to release the animal into the woods. The neighbor pulled behind her and starting yelling. The complainant said she told the neighbor she was releasing a possum and not a cat, but the neighbor didn’t want to hear it.

It wasn’t the first time the complainant had issues with that neighbor. She said that every time she walks out of her house, the neighbor comes out and films her using a cellphone. During the officer’s interaction with the complainant, the neighbor’s daughter came out and began recording with her cellphone.

The officer informed her of the restraining-order process and was provided with a case card.

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