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Woman reports assault at Richmond Hill spa
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Matter of record

Nov. 15 – A woman went to the station to report an assault. She said while working for Milan Salon and Day Spa, she was approached by a man who asked to speak with her outside the building. The woman said she exited the building in the back, and the man became angry and accused her of spreading rumors about him, the report said. After their brief argument, the woman alleged that the man kicked the door as she reentered the building, causing it to slam on her hand. EMS went to the station to treat the woman’s hand and she did not require being transported to a hospital.

The man alleged that during their argument, the woman became verbally abusive, and when she reentered the building the door hit his foot and caused it to close on her hand, accidentally, the report said.


DUI, speeding

Nov. 15 – At about 9 p.m., a man was clocked at 64 m.p.h. in a 45 zone on Hwy. 17.

Once pulled over, the man said he had not been aware of how fast he was going. He produced an expired registration and was given a verbal warning for that. During questioning, the officer allegedly smelled a moderate amount of alcohol coming from the man, who said he had two beers during dinner, over an hour before the stop. He was given the field sobriety tests and registered a .11 BAC. He was taken to the jail and allowed to make several phone calls.



Nov. 15 – A Sterling Creek resident reported a burglary for his prescription pills. The man said when he arrived home in the morning, the side door of his residence had been kicked in and the door frame was broken. The only thing the man noticed missing were seven Lipitor pills from their container which had been in the living room.


Matter of record

Nov. 12 – A woman said she was being harassed and threatened by her ex-boyfriend. Additionally, the woman said he had been coming around her place of employment and harassing her while she was working, possibly putting her job in jeopardy.

Furthermore, the woman alleged that over the weekend, on Saturday the man stopped by her home and spit in her purse and while she was out of her house for a half hour on Sunday, she returned to find that someone had relieved themselves on her bed – and saw her ex-boyfriend driving down the road several minutes prior.

She told police she did not want the man arrested, but wanted a restraining order. She was given information on how to get one and given a case number.


Criminal trespass

Nov. 13 – A woman contacted police to make a complaint against her brother, saying he trespassed on her residence earlier that day.

She said her boyfriend reported the brother at the house, and he peeled out of the driveway. When her boyfriend entered the home, he knew the offender had been inside because there was a soda bottle left on the counter.

The couple requested that the bottle be kept for evidence and processed for fingerprints to prove the offender was in the home.

The woman said her ex-roommate had filed a complaint on the alleged offender in regard to harassment and possible stalking. The bottle was kept as evidence; the couple said they wanted the man to be asked to stay away from the residence. A request was put in for a no trespassing warning.



Nov. 13 – A South Carolina resident said her boyfriend recently moved out of her apartment and moved into an Ashton Apartment home. She said she had come to his apartment to visit and pick up some of her property. During the visit, she said an argument began, and she got into her vehicle to leave and avoid further confrontation. She claimed that during leaving, the man started tapping on her window, asking her not to leave, and proceeded to lie on top of her car when she refused to stay. She went to police to request assistance in getting her property back. Upon returning with police escort, the man said he had tapped on her window but had not lain across her vehicle. He allowed her to get her belongings and both were given a case number.


Forgery in the second degree

Nov. 13 – The complainant said he realized a check was missing from his parents’ desk drawer at the end of October. He said he called the issuer, First Bank of Coastal Georgia, and found out the check was cashed several days earlier, to a man in the amount of $600. He said he told his father to relocate the checks to prevent anything from happening again. He said a couple days later, another check, made out to the same man in the amount of $750, was cashed. The bank told him he should file a report, and he told police that, while he had a "good idea" of who had stolen the checks, he couldn’t be certain. He was told how to get a copy of the report.


Forgery, worthless check

Nov. 13 – Atlantic Coastal Equipment called police to report a worthless check. The operations manager said the company had sold a radiator to the offender on April 11, 2006 and the offender gave her a company check for $2,200. The check was returned on a closed account and the woman said she had made numerous attempts to resolve the situation with the offender already. The woman did not have any information on the offender at the time of the report.

That same day, the operations manager also made a report of two other checks that had been returned to her in the amounts of $118 and $416. Both checks were written for tractor parts.

The woman was given a case number and told how to get copies of reports and also informed of warrant procedures.

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