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Woman files complaint after 11 years
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Matter of record

April 2 – A woman said that "for approximately 11 years she has been having problems with her husband’s ex-wife," the report said. "The complainant further stated that she has been attempting to talk to her step daughter, an 11-year-old female who lives with her biological mother, the above listed offender. The complainant then stated that every time she calls, the offender gets on the phone and starts calling her obscene names and refuses to let them talk." The complainant told the officer she was tired of the situation and wanted to have the incidents documented. She was given a case number.


April 1 – An officer was on routine patrol when he saw a white Ford pickup traveling at 62 m.p.h. in the 45 zone. The truck was stopped at the Harris Trail Plaza and the officer "immediately noticed the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle," the report said. The officer also reported the driver’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy and could smell alcohol coming from the driver’s mouth.

When asked, the driver said he had "a couple beer at work," the report said. When the man exited the truck, the officer reported the driver swayed from side to side. Another officer arrived to assist with the standardized field sobriety tests, starting with the preliminary breath test, which read .097 grams of alcohol. The driver reported failed the remaining tests and was arrested.


Matter of record

April 2 – At roughly 5:30 a.m., an officer responded to El Cheapo on Hwy. 17, "in reference to a subject that fell and was having difficulty breathing. EMS arrived and transported the subject to St. Joseph’s Hospital," the report said.


Wanted person

April 3 – An officer was sitting in Denny’s and saw two men outside. "The unknown subject handed the suspect a lighter, I then observed the unknown subject look around, turn his back to the suspect and hand him something with his hand cupped and behind his back, "the report said. The officer said he was suspicious and watched the suspect as he walked away. He and another officer walked over to the Chu’s lot and met the suspect between the buildings. "I introduced myself, I asked why he was back between the buildings. Suspect stated ‘smoking a cigarette.’ I told the suspect that this did not look right and he replied ‘yeah I know.’ I asked the suspect if he had any ID and the suspect became nervous and looking around if he was looking for a way to run," the report said. "Again I asked if he had any ID and he replied no and started trying to open the gap between myself and him." Then, the other officer walked around the corner, dressed in a blue RHPD shirt and the suspect said he was going to go "over here and began to walk off." When asked to wait, the suspect reportedly began to run and the officer began to chase the suspect on foot. A local fireman who was in Waffle House heard about the chase on his department radio and went outside, tackled the suspect and held him until the officers caught up. The suspect’s information was run and a warrant was reportedly out for the man in Houston County.


Hit and run

April 3 – The complainant reported that he saw a blue and white tractor trailer beer truck drag its trailer into a street lamp as it was turning from Hwy. 17 south to north at Ponderosa. The complainant then said the truck left the scene and got onto I-95 South. An officer dispatched the information to Liberty and McIntosh counties.

"My inspection of the light post number 25 revealed that two lamp covers including the glass had been knocked off and destroyed," the officer’s report said. "There appeared to be no damage to the pole but it did have significant scuff markings."


Theft by taking

March 31 – During a traffic stop in the Friendly Express parking lot, the victim said her South Carolina license plate was missing from her vehicle. "The victim showed me the tag receipt for the vehicle confirming it had valid registration," the report said. "She advised me she had parked her vehicle in the parking lot of Motel Six near room 145." The woman said she didn’t realize her tag was missing until her vehicle had been stopped, but told police she has had problems with her husband due to a recent break up and believed he could’ve done it. The woman was given a case number and was told to contact the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.


From reports on file with the RHPD.




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