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Woman claims fireworks shot at her home after she complains to police
Richmond Hill
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Public drunkenness

Sept. 22 – Augie’s Pub called in a property damage call after several customers allegedly got into a fight. When police arrived, they noted several people arguing both inside and out, and immediately broke up three groups of arguers who were "acting in an intoxicated boisterous manner, disturbing other patrons of the pub in the parking lot," the report said. The report said one group continued to argue, and were told to find a ride a home because of their apparent level of intoxication; the group told police they were waiting for their ride who was enroute.

A pub customer told police one of the arguers had allegedly unscrewed his truck’s antenna. The complainant identified the man he thought had done it, and when questioned, said he hadn’t done it. The truck owner then became "irate" and had to be separated from the man, but requested no further police action in regard to the missing antenna.

The man accused of the antenna incident reportedly continued to use profanity and cause a disturbance in the pub’s parking lot. "Due to (his) level of intoxication and inability to stop his boisterous behavior in the public parking lot, I placed him under arrest," the officer said in the report. The remainder of the group was also arrested shortly thereafter, for the same reason.

All three men were taken to the Bryan County Jail and given city ordinance citations for public intoxication.


Deposit account fraud

Sept. 22 – A man was allegedly stiffed out of a $1,000 sodding job in the Mulberry subdivision. The complainant said after the job was done, the woman gave him a Heritage Bank account check for the full payment. After the man deposited it into his Bryan Bank checking account, he was notified the check was declined for insufficient funds. He went to Heritage, and was told the same thing about the woman’s account. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to reach the woman by phone, the man called in to report her, but said if he could simply get paid he wouldn’t press charges. Police were also unable to reach the woman, and the man was told how to get a copy of the report and how to contact the magistrate if he wished to press charges.


Illegal dumping

Sept. 22 – The tenant of Ivey Street Apartment 1 complained another tenant was illegally using his dumpster. He said he saw a woman carrying trash over to his dumpster, and he confronted her about it. The woman allegedly told him she lived in Apartment 16, and pushed him while she walked away. The man said he wanted to press charges for assault, but the report noted no visible injuries. The man was told how to get a copy of the report and press charges for the alleged unwanted contact if he wished to do so.

The woman was then contacted, and said there was no longer a dumpster at the normal location in her apartment complex. She said she wasn’t aware of any problems with her using the other dumpster, and had started depositing her trash there. She told the officer the man had approached her in a very irate manner, and blocked her when she tried to return to her residence, resulting in her brushing past him, the report said. The officer told the woman she should contact her landlord in reference to the dumpster arrangement.


Fireworks violation

Sept. 22 – An area of Sterling Creek reported a fireworks complaint. When police arrived at the reported residence next door to the complainant, the man said he had shot off some fireworks but was done, as he had run out. The man was given a warning, and informed fireworks are illegal in Richmond Hill.

Later that night, the complainant said the warned man allegedly threw several pieces of burning debris at her, and called her names. She told police that someone then began shooting off more fireworks, in the direction of her home, causing burning debris to land on her roof. The woman said she feared a fire, and she and another neighbor submitted written witness statements to the alleged events.

Police went over the man’s house and he said no fireworks had been shot off after he received the warning, but said one of his neighbors had been in his yard, and had thrown something over the fence into the woman’s yard.

Because of the written statements, the man was cited for a fireworks violation and given a court date; the witnesses were given subpoenas.


Harassing phone calls

Sept. 18 – A woman reported harassing phone calls from her boyfriend’s ex-wife. The complainant said she and her live-in boyfriend had noticed his two daughters, ages five and seven, had head lice the week before school started, and treated the girls with additional medication to be administered by their mother, who they live with. The boyfriend has visitation rights every other weekend, the woman explained.

Two weeks later during the next scheduled visit, the girls returned with head lice again, also complaining of hunger and of their mother spending most of her time sleeping, the report said.

Their father became concerned and reported his belief of possible child neglect. At the time of the next scheduled visit, the complainant said the children were withheld from their father, and the children’s mother refused to answer or return phone calls.

The date of this report, the man said he had left a message for his ex-wife to attempt arranging a visitation. The call was returned several hours later, when the woman was allegedly verbally abusive and made insulting remarks about the complainant.

The complainant was told how to get a warrant, and police suggested she document additional phone calls from the woman; the Superior Court of the County was contacted in regard to the child custody issues.


Domestic violence

Sept. 17 – Police were called out to Ashton Apartments for a possible domestic dispute and upon arrival, could hear the disturbance all the way out on the sidewalk, the report said. The officers stood outside for a moment, listening to assess the situation.

The report said one officer heard a woman say "leave me alone," and "quit trying to choke me." At that point, police knocked on the front door and identified themselves. The noises inside halted, and a man opened the door.

He was asked to come outside, while one officer entered the residence to speak to the woman. The report noted the man smelled of alcohol.

The woman told police they were arguing over his being late to pick her up from her grandmother’s house. Once back at the apartment, the argument allegedly became "heated," and the man ripped the woman’s clothing off. The report noted several items of women’s clothing scattered around the floor of the residence, and the woman was only wearing undergarments at the time of police arrival. She said the man pushed her into the walls and the metal doors of the laundry room, with damage to the doors consistent with her complaints.

The woman said she did not have a phone, so she tried to run away from the man, but he allegedly caught her outside and began yelling at her for being outside in only her underwear and started hitting her in the face.

The woman said she was pulled back into the apartment, and the man continued to hit her until she attempted to flee again, only to be choked prior to police entering, the report said. The report noted offensive wounds on the woman including redness around her eyes, redness and swelling around her neck and on her upper thighs, and scratches to her arms and chest.

The man said he had been on the phone with his mother prior to police entering, and they had heard him fixing the metal doors in the apartment from outside, the report said.

The officer pointed to scratches on the man, who admitted they were from the woman, but that her injuries were from another man who’d been at the apartment before him. When questioned about his level of intoxication, the man said he had not been drinking, but then admitted to having "had a little bit of wine earlier," the report said. The man was arrested.

The woman was given a victims rights pamphlet and told how to get a protective restraining order.



- From RHPD reports

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