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Woman awakened by fishing pole through her bedroom window
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Sept. 21

Obscene material — An Ellabell woman reported receiving an obscene photo in a Facebook message.

A man sent the woman a photo “primarily of his genitalia,” according to the report.

The woman said she had never spoken with the man prior to the Facebook conversation and she didn’t know his exact address, but had been told he lives in Sterling Creek Plantation on Richmond Hill.

Sept. 20

Trespassing — A Pembroke woman reported being awakened by a fishing pole that had been pushed through her bedroom window.

The woman was asleep in her bed and was “hit with a fishing pole,” according to the report. The trespasser apparently stood on a concrete-filled bucket, took the screen off the bedroom window and touched the woman with a fishing pole that had been on the side of her Beulah Church Road home.

The suspect might have been using the fishing pole to try to reach purses that were hanging on the bedposts, the report states.

The woman did not see the person and could not give a description.

Sept. 17
Scam, threat — A Richmond Hill man reported that he was threatened after being called by a man posing as a representative of his cellphone-service provider.

The caller spoke in a foreign dialect and requested the man’s Sprint cellphone access number, according to the report. When the man refused to provide it, the caller allegedly threatened the man and said he knew where to find him and his wife.

Sept. 16

Aggressive dogs — An Ellabell man reported that two dogs tried to attack him, his wife and their children as they went inside their home on Emiline Lane.

The man said he shot at one of the dogs with his pistol but did not injure the dog, according to the report. The dogs’ owner told a BCSO deputy he would keep the animals inside his house until he could fix a damaged section of his fence.

Sept. 13

Marijuana possession — A North Carolina woman was charged with marijuana possession after her boyfriend was stopped for speeding on Interstate 95.

An RHPD officer smelled marijuana in the car, according to the report. The driver said he and the passenger — his girlfriend — had smoked marijuana that morning, but claimed no marijuana was in the car.

However, the woman reportedly confessed to having marijuana under her seat, and the officer found a tobacco grinder, a smoking pipe and three plastic bags containing small amounts of suspected marijuana. The woman said the items were hers.

Sept. 11

Marijuana possession — A Richmond Hill man was arrested for marijuana possession after he was pulled over for running a stop sign at Piercefield Drive and Sandpiper Street.

An RHPD officer smelled a “powerful odor” of marijuana, according to the report, and the driver admitted he had marijuana in a backpack in the car. The backpack was on the passenger-side floorboard, and the officer reportedly found suspected marijuana inside it.

Sept. 10

Property damage — A Richmond Hill man reported that his rental home on Shady Oak Circle was damaged after he evicted a tenant.
Animal feces were in several rooms, and the carpet throughout the house was ruined and had a “foul odor of urine,” according to the report. Also, garbage was in several rooms, and a bedroom ceiling, back door and the home’s wood floors all had water damage.
An RHPD officer also saw mold in an upstairs room near the air-conditioning unit, the report states. The homeowner said he knew he would have to resolve the matter in civil court, but wanted the damage documented in a police report.

Sept. 9

Theft — A Royal Inn employee was caught stealing a sewing machine from the hotel’s maintenance room and selling it to a pawn shop.

A hotel guest saw the man take the sewing machine and sell it to the pawn shop, according to the report. The owner of the hotel then bought it back from the pawn shop.

The pawn shop’s records confirmed the maintenance worker sold the sewing machine for $15, according to the RHPD. The hotel owner did not want to prosecute the man, but did have him banned from the property for criminal trespass.

Sept. 8

Cocaine possession, suspended license — A Florida woman was arrested for cocaine possession after being pulled over for driving 88 mph on Interstate 95.

A computer check showed the woman’s Florida driver’s license was suspended. Also, an RHPD officer saw a type of glass pipe “commonly used for smoking crack cocaine” in plain view inside the car, according to the report.

An inventory of the car turned up more glass pipes, drug paraphernalia and two small containers with a white, powdery substance that field-tested positive to be cocaine, the report states. The woman said she was borrowing the car from a friend, and the items were not hers.

Property damage — A Richmond Hill woman speculated that someone used her garden hose to soak the floorboards inside her car.

The woman said she saw standing water on the floorboards after she left her car unlocked with the windows up. The car seats were completely dry, according to the report, and the woman told an RHPD officer she had no idea who might have done the damage to her car.

DUI, marijuana possession — A Richmond Hill man was charged with DUI and marijuana possession after his car ran out of gas on Interstate 95.

An RHPD officer pulled up to offer assistance and smelled a strong odor of marijuana from the car, according to the report. The driver reportedly said he regularly smokes marijuana and had been smoking it in the car on his trip home from Louisiana.

The man failed a number of field-sobriety tests, the report states. The officer found a partially smoked suspected marijuana cigar and marijuana residue inside the car.

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