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Wake swamps fisherman's boat
Man recoveriong from hypothermia
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A man endured several hours slogging through a marsh Friday after the boat he was in was swamped by the wake of a larger boat that was passing.
The recently-separated service member was taken to a Savannah hospital apparently suffering from hypothermia, but is expected to recover. He was rescued by volunteers of the Eastern District Volunteer Fire and Rescue Fire Department.
Eastern District Chief Joseph Martin said the man, whose name he did not have, was fishing in a small boat off of the public dock at Sunbury Friday morning.
He said the man reported a larger boat passing him at a high rate of speed, causing a wave that flooded his boat. The boat began to sink away from the dock. The fisherman was able to inch toward the dock in the thick mud, Martin said, but had not reached it when, eventually, someone on the dock saw him waving and yelling for help. A call to 911 at about 1 p.m. dispatched Martin and his crew. They got him about 90 minutes later using his department’s rescue boat.
The fisherman is said to be in his mid 30s an was air lifted to Memorial Health University Medical Center.

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