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Veteran says suspect 'publicly humiliated' him
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July 7 – An officer noticed a vehicle traveling down Hwy. 144 near the Ford Plantation, which he said ran off the right side of the road twice and struck the center line three times. He stopped the vehicle near Publix.

"The driver immediately advised me that he knows he is not supposed to be driving and then he asked if I could escort him to his residence on Fort McAllister Road," the report said. The officer said the man’s eyes were glossy and bloodshot, his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol. The driver’s license also returned as suspended since Sept. 13, 2007 and said he was wanted in North Carolina.

The man told the officer he’d had about three beers earlier in the evening but he reported failed all the field sobriety tests. He was arrested and taken to the RHPD for booking and processing. "He was released to his sober parent," the report said.


Matter of record

July 9 – A patron at the Raceway made a complaint about the clerk, saying he was publicly humiliated by him. He said he was inside, attempting to use the bathroom. He asked the clerk if he could and he was told no. "The suspect said the bathroom was broken. The victim then stated that he was a disabled veteran and he could not wait. The victim stated the suspect got very angry and told him to wait in line like everyone else, or go out back. The suspect then slammed the door," the report said.

In another report, for criminal trespass dated July 2:

A manager at Raceway took out this report against a Midway man after a spat over the restroom. The gas station employees said the men’s restroom was out of order when the man entered and he was told to stand in line and use the women’s restroom like everyone else. "The suspect became upset and explained that he could not wait, he was a disabled veteran and that his need to use the restroom was urgent," the report said.

When he was told no, the man "made reference to the complainant’s race and commented that he had no business operating a business in the United States that he was un-American," the manager told police.

Despite that, the man was allowed to use the women’s restroom. He left the business upset – then called back the next day and spoke with the manager, "unaware that the manager was also the same employee he was complaining about."

What’s more, "the complainant stated that the suspect made up and entire story about the incident with very few facts and a lot of fiction," the report said, noting the man "came to the business and began standing at the entrance waving a sign with ‘God Bless America’ accompanied by a flag and an ‘Uncle Sam Hat.’"

Witnesses backed up the story, with one telling police "the suspect’s behavior is very disturbing and that she is also worried he could become violent."

The man had left before police arrived, but had left his name and number at the store. The officer called and talked to the man, who said he did what he did because "he was embarrassed and felt he had the right to freedom of speech. He stated to me, ‘Those people come over here and are treated like royalty, don’t respect our God, and look down on us and I will not be embarrassed by them.’"

The man was told the manager didn’t want him on the property and the officer suggested he go to the Better Business Bureau to voice his disapproval. The manager was told to call police if the man returned.

"The suspect stated that he would likely return and continue his crusade as he felt he was mistreated."


Simple assault

July 4 – Police were dispatched to McDonald’s after a customer allegedly spit at an employee. The victim and witness were spoken to first and both said the suspect parked her vehicle at the front of the driver through lane, near the front door, and entered the restaurant. The suspect started cursing at the victim about her food order. The manager/witness asked the woman to leave the premises and then the woman spit on the victim.

She left the restaurant reportedly driving a green mini van and was described as a "large woman wearing a ‘Dixie Outfitters’ shirt."


Criminal trespass

July 7 – The complainant said she was driving west on Hwy. 144 near Brisbon Road when someone in a vehicle heading east threw a glass bottle out of the driver’s side window.

The bottle hit the woman’s windshield and cracked it in several spots. She was unable to see what kind of vehicle the offender was driving.



July 3 – The complainant said her husband was very angry with her, after finding out she’d scratched the car in their garage. She said her husband "threw a can of lighter fluid at her car as a result of him being angry."

The husband said he had done it because the complainant is "continuously yelling and screaming at him about incidents that occurred several years ago."

Both said they’ve been married for 52 years and the situation was mediated while the officer was there, the report said. The couple’s son arrived and said he could take care of the situation. Both the complainant and offender also said they’ve undergone medical operations and treatments recently.


Matter of record

July 1 – The complainant said her landlord had entered her residence without her permission. She said they had talked and they had a sliding glass door they needed to install on July 1. She said that date would not work for her, but they came in anyway. She said she wanted it reported in case anything like that happened in the future. She said nothing was missing.


Hit and run

July 5 – A woman went to the RHPD to make a complaint about someone hitting her vehicle. She said she was parked in the Kroger lot, sitting in her vehicle, when a gray or tan Toyota Corolla backed up into her vehicle and then drove away. The complainant had a tag number for the suspect’s vehicle, but police were unable to contact the possible offender at the time of the report. The R/O said the woman’s vehicle sustained a small scratch on its rear bumper.


Fireworks violation

July 9 – Police went to Rushing Street and met with the complainant who said he heard fireworks being shot in front of his residence. The man said while they were exploding, he also heard a loud car muffler speed away from his home. The man said he’s had "numerous problems with a subject with a loud exhaust" and the suspect stole his vehicle tag and has been making threats to other people that he planned to harm the complainant. The officer noted there was black cat firecracker debris in the man’s front yard and a neighbor matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle, saying she also saw it speed away the night of the incident. The man was told to take all filed complaints against the suspect and look into possible protective order procedures.


Matter of record

July 13 – A disorderly customer was reported at the Raceway, trying to exchange change for cash. The complainant said the currency needed to be in rolls and that he would have to make a purchase. The man returned with a roll of pennies and said "give me 50 cents," but the complainant told him again he needed to make a purchase. The man reportedly "became angry and began to curse," so he was asked to leave. The officer told the clerk he would try to find the suspect and provided him with a case number


From reports on file with the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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