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UPDATE: Police still going through ATM scam evidence
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The Richmond Hill Police Department is continuing to go through evidence after an arrest was made last Thursday of a suspected ATM skimmer.

“We’re still investigating, but at this point we don’t think he set up any skimming devices locally,” said Lt. Brad Sykes.

Adrian Burloiu, 38, of Romania, was arrested after a cashier at CVS noticed him acting suspiciously.

“He was using multiple debit cards on the same machine to withdraw money,” Sykes said. “He’d put one in, make a withdrawal, get another card, make another withdrawal.”

Detectives followed the man and, along with marked patrol units, arrested him in the parking lot of a local fast food restaurant. He was found to have more than $30,000 cash and 425 blank cards, plus equipment to use those blank cards to make copies using account numbers he had skimmed.

Police believe the man may have been doing this in at least five other states. That activity could lead to federal charges. He is currently being held in the Bryan County Jail on one charge each of criminal possession of financial transaction card forgery devices and forgery of a financial transaction card.

Sykes said people can take precautions when using a debit or credit card on any type of remote device, such as ATMs or fuel pumps.

“Always take a look at the machine first to see if it looks like it has been tampered with,” he said.

Gas pumps, for example, should have a piece of security tape on them indicating they have not been opened.

The man who was arrested was found to have been using a remote device to transmit card information from the ATMs he targeted.

“There is an app you can download to your phone that will detect things like that,” Sykes said. “Sometimes they also try to use cameras, so check around to see if any of the trim looks out of place or damaged.”

Anyone who believes they have been a victim of skimming is asked to call the Richmond Hill Police Department at (912) 756-5645.

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