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Trouble with cable company
Crime reports for Aug. 6

Incidents taken from Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Driving without a license
An officer pulled over a Richmond Hill woman Saturday afternoon because she didn’t come to a complete stop at a red light at Timber Trail and 144.
The officer asked the woman for her license.
“The driver and only passenger … stated she was from Mexico and did not have (a) driver’s license.”
So why was she behind the wheel?
The woman was charged with driving without a license and given a warning for failing to yield.

Obstruction, more
This incident reportedly took place around 8:30 a.m. Friday, when an officer spotted a car leaving the parking lot of Clyde’s convenience store, ran the plate number and saw it “was no longer assigned to that vehicle.”
The officer pulled the driver over in the parking lot of Richmond Hill Fire Station No. 1 and asked about the tag.
“The driver … stated the plates belonged to the previous owner, who was his mother-in-law,” the officer reported. “I inquired how long (the driver) owned the vehicle. (The driver) stated approximately two months. I then asked why he didn’t register the vehicle as required by state law. (The driver) stated he did not know.”
The officer then asked for the driver’s license and proof of insurance, but the driver said he didn’t “have his wallet on him.”
The driver did give the officer a name and date of birth and said he had a valid license.
“I asked (the man) to stay seated in the vehicle while I returned to my patrol vehicle,” the officer reported.
Didn’t happen. As the officer was typing in the man’s name and date of birth on his “mobile terminal” — police cars these days have onboard connections to Georgia Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center computers — the man decided to bolt.
“All of a sudden, (the driver) was observed exiting his vehicle and running on foot towards the south.”
The officer got out and started chasing the driver while calling in the foot chase.
“I made several commands ordering (the man) to stop running, which were never complied with,” the report said.
The man ran between Richmond Hill Pharmacy and Ace Hardware, but got cut off at one point by another officer, so like a broken field runner he switched direction, ran in the direction of Ford Plaza and eventually ran into a business owner who tried to hold him up.
“I then made contact (with the fleeing driver) and forcibly put him on the ground face first,” the officer reported.
Police searched the man for weapons and he was read his Miranda rights, etc., then charged with a boatload of offenses — including driving with a suspended license, operating an unregistered vehicle, having a cracked windshield, defective tires and misdemeanor obstruction.
He told the officer he ran because Savannah-Chatham police had warrants out on him.
The officer also noted there was a possibility the man might be using other “names and dates of birth,” since “active warrants were never found for the name and date of birth given by (the man).”

Matter of record
A Richmond Hill woman told police on July 29 that someone had gotten her into hot water with Comcast.
The woman said Comcast told her she owed the company $307.02 in fees and that her account was going into collections — because they had an account in her name of service going to an apartment she didn’t live in, but one with an address that was close to hers.
“(The woman) stated she does not know anyone that would have done this,” the report said. “(The woman) is unaware if it is a glitch with Comcast accounting. (The woman) stated she simply wants a report to validate her dispute and suffice the requirements of Comcast to end the collection procedures.”

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