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Trash can set on fire, melts part of man's home
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Property Damage

June 26 – A man came into the police department to fill out a property damage report.

He said that three days before an unknown subject trespassed onto his property and set fire to his green Republic Waste trash can, destroying it completely. The man said his neighbor noticed the trash can burning and ran to his home to notify him about it at which time the owner put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

The man also said some of the vinyl siding on the garage of his home was melted because of the fire.

The man said he had talked with his insurance company about the damage to his home.



June 26 – An officer was traveling down Hwy. 144 with his blue lights and siren activated trying to pull over a car that was speeding.

While going after the car another car pulled into the path of the officer and he had to swerve to the other lane to avoid colliding with the car.

The officer stopped his patrol car in the right lane of traffic and motioned for the car that he had nearly collided with to pull into a nearby parking lot. The driver refused and passed dangerously close to the officer and stopped in front of him.

The officer spoke with the driver and asked that he pull into the nearby parking lot.

The driver complied.

The officer spoke with the driver as he was exiting his car and he immediately noticed an odor of alcohol coming from the man and that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

The officer asked the man why he hadn’t yielded to him when he turned onto Hwy. 144 and the man said he didn’t see him or hear his siren.

The officer asked to see the man’s license and proof of insurance and then asked the man if he had been drinking, at which time the man said he had consumed some drinks at a local bar.

The driver refused to submit to any field sobriety tests as he said he didn’t believe in them but agreed to take a breath test. The man tested positive for the presence of alcohol and was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence and failure to yield while entering the roadway.

The man was taken to the Richmond Hill Police Department where he was given another breath test was released after another man signed a responsibility for intoxicated persons form.


Matter of Record

June 27 – An officer was dispatched to the area of a local campground in reference to a complaint of a resident driving too fast and killing an animal.

The complainant said she had been trying to get people in the area to stop speeding in the park area and said that she had had a particularly hard time with one particular man. She said he enjoyed driving fast.

The woman said she had been contacted by another woman who told her that the man had been speeding and had run over one of the geese in the area.

She said the man was traveling too fast and either could not or would not stop before hitting the goose. Another woman confirmed the story.

The officer made contact with the suspect about the incident and he said he knew he had hit the goose and said that he does not slow down for water fowl in the park because he feels they will get out of his way.

The man said the complainant and the other witness are just trying to make his life difficult, forcing him to move from the area.

The officer advised the man that he needed to slow down and that he might consider moving to another area in the county. The man was also advised of the consequences of driving too fast for conditions like those in the campground.


Aggravated Assault

June 28 – An officer responded to a convenience store to a call of a drunk female bleeding. When the officer arrived he saw the woman in question sitting on the curb beside the store.

The officer approached the woman and noticed she was covered in blood that seemed to be coming from the side of her head.

When asked who had assaulted her she named another woman. EMS arrived at the scene and while they were treating the woman the officer noticed the woman had three wounds around her ear and chin.

The officer asked the woman what she had been hit with and the woman said she did not know. The woman said she wanted to press charges and the officer informed her how to do so.

Later in the morning the attendant at the gas station informed police that a shoe and broken bottle with blood on it were found in the area where the woman was sitting.

Simple Assault

June 28 – An officer was called to the area of River Oaks in response to an assault.

The officer spoke with the complainant who said that one of his day laborers contracted through another company had threatened a long-time employee.

The officer spoke with the employee who was threatened, and he told the officer that one of the workers he was supervising became increasingly upset while he (the supervisor) and another man talked about religion and other general topics.

Apparently something in the discussion upset the man so much that he threatened to hit the supervisor in the head and take his money.

The man said further that the worker said he would throw his lifeless body in the woods and that no one would be the wiser.

The supervisor, who is elderly, said what the man was saying to him made him uncomfortable and he told his boss, at which time the man and the other workers from the contracted company were asked to leave the property.

The officer tried to contact the man by phone but had no luck. The officer then spoke with the man’s direct supervisor who told him the man had yet to arrive back at the office.

The officer explained warrant procedures to the man who was threatened.



Information taken from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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