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Tire stolen off truck parked at store
Richmond Hill Police blotter
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The following are from Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Possession of marijuana
April 26 – A Richmond Hill man was arrested for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana after being pulled over for failing to maintain his driving lane and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. When Sgt. Raymond Fowler approached the vehicle, he not only allegedly smelled burnt marijuana, but saw it as well. The officer noticed marijuana on the center console, dashboard and passenger seat and a wad of marijuana in the driver’s side floorboard. Prior to pulling the man over, the officer watched the driver throw something out of the window of the moving vehicle. After he was arrested and five other wads of pot were recovered, the driver informed Sgt. Fowler the drugs had a street value of about $85 because it was “good stuff.”

Matter of record

April 29 – A city resident contacted police regarding a possible case of fraud after receiving a call from a local telephone number that turned out to be a telemarketer. The caller asked the woman if she wanted to lower the interest rate on her credit card. The woman called the number on caller ID but received a message that the number was disconnected.

Cocaine possession
April 20 – A Savannah man was arrested for possession of cocaine after police stopped him for swerving on I-95. When approached by Officer Donnie Crosby, the driver allegedly seemed nervous and would not make eye contact. He told the officer he had no drugs in his possession and consented to a search of his vehicle, but Officer Crosby found a small plastic bag of cocaine on the center console in plain view. Other items found in the vehicle included four cell phones, and an orange-colored powdery substance in a black plastic baggie.

May 2 – Officers responded to westbound Highway 144 after a caller reported that a Chevy Blazer was “all over the road” and had almost hit another vehicle. When Officer Dale Kirkland found the suspected vehicle near Timber Trail, he watched it cross the center line more than once and then pulled the driver over. The officer could allegedly smell alcohol on the driver, who said he’d had one beer. The man was arrested for DUI after failing a sobriety test.

Theft by taking

May 2 – Officers responded to Advanced Auto Parts on Hwy. 17, where the driver’s side front tire had been stolen off of a work truck while parked in front of the store. The truck was left resting on a wood pallet.

Property damage

May 3 – A Wimbledon Drive resident went to the police department to file a complaint that his ex-girlfriend had thrown a brick at his car. The man told police his ex showed up at work to harass him, and when he left, followed him to the Chevron on Hwy. 17 just north of I-95. The ex-girlfriend allegedly circled the parking lot and then threw a brick at the man’s car, leaving a dent in the passenger door, along with debris from brick. The man did not press charges but filed a report for insurance purposes.

Underage DUI
May 4 – A Richmond Hill man was arrested for underage drinking after an officer watched a vehicle fail to yield to oncoming traffic while turning left from Hwy. 144 onto Timber Trail. Sgt. Andrew Watt stopped the vehicle after clocking it at 53 in a 35 mph zone. Once the vehicle was stopped, the officer allegedly detected the smell of alcohol and extremely bloodshot eyes on the driver. The man was arrested after reportedly testing positive for alcohol.

Theft by taking
May 6 – Officers responded to The Pink Closet on Ford Avenue in reference to a shoplifting report. The owner told police a white female age 40-50 driving a white Buick had taken four items from the store. The owner said when the woman entered the store, she immediately grabbed an arm full of clothes and headed to the dressing room. When she left the dressing room, there was a clothes hanger on the floor, but the woman was carrying no loose items of clothing, meaning an item was unaccounted for. The woman claimed the hanger had been on the floor the whole time and insisted on hanging the other items up on her own. While doing so, she dropped an empty hanger and kicked it under a rack of clothes. She then left without making a purchase. Upon checking the clothes the woman had tried on, the owner found two more hangers tucked into an outfit.


May 5 – Officer Donnie Crosby clocked a vehicle on Highway 25 near Plantation Road traveling 59 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer pulled the vehicle over and made contact with the driver, a Richmond Hill woman, who allegedly appeared very intoxicated due to her bloodshot, glassy eyes and slurred speech. When asked, the driver claimed to have had three bottles of beer and agreed to field sobriety test. When asked to stand on one leg, the driver said her leg was too swollen to do the test and also that she knew she was drunk so the test was unnecessary. After testing positive for alcohol and also admitting to being drunk, the woman was charged with DUI. She was transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Savannah after complaining of chest pains.

Matter of record
May 6 – Officers responded to Subway on Highway 17, where an employee explained a situation of apparent fraud. He told police that another employee called, claiming to have done “something stupid,” when she exchanged $200 worth of 20-dollar bills for $200 worth of 20-dollar bills. She said in hind sight, she believed the bills she took to be counterfeit, and she quit her job. All of the bills had the same serial number and $180 worth of the bills was in the store’s safe. One was on the wall with “fake” written across it in black marker.

Public drunkenness
May 6 – Officers responded to Clyde’s Market regarding reports that someone was passed out under a tree beside the business. Officer Donnie Crosby found on the east side of the store a man lying on the ground with his face in a half-eaten sandwich. The man appeared to be in a very intoxicated state and was hard to wake up. When the man finally came to, he swung his arms violently. And once brought to his feet, the man tried to run away, but stumbled and fell into another police officer before falling face first onto the ground. He was arrested for public drunkenness and taken to the city police department.

May 8 – A Richmond Hill man was arrested for DUI after an officer watched him come out of Harvey’s parking lot and drive completely over the center median in order to head southbound on Highway 25. Officer Robert Linton allegedly detected alcohol on the man after pulling him over, and the driver admitted to having a few drinks about an hour before. The man was arrested and taken to Bryan County Jail after failing sobriety tests.
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