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Three teens arrested for throwing eggs
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Three teenagers are facing charges of unruly behavior and disorderly conduct after they were caught egging several homes last week throughout Richmond Hill.
Richmond Hill Police Chief Billy Reynolds said the teens – one from Savannah and two from Richmond Hill – spent the night of June 15 throwing eggs at cars parked in driveways in various subdivisions.
“There was probably more than 10 (incidents) all in the same night,” he said.
According to incident reports, most of the victims whose cars were coated in egg chose not to press charges and instead worked out arrangements with the offenders parents to have the teens wash their vehicles.
But Reynolds said he had every intention of pressing charges.
“They tied up my officers for an extended period of time,” he said. “I know it seems like a harmless game, but it ties up resources and man power, and it’s not just something you can’t do anything about.”
He said the teens will have to appear in court, and the two juveniles will likely face a charge of unruly behavior and the adult a charge of disorderly conduct.
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